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By Joe Ingino

“I live a dream in a nightmare world”

By now there are two things we know for sure about COVID. One that those that wear a mask have a better chance of protecting themselves from becoming infected. Two, no one really seems to know where this silent killer is and or how it truly attacks the population at large.
We are making the assumption that it is through person to person. So far it seems to be the only sure bet. So social distancing and wearing a mask appear to be the only real solution to the never ending problem.
Right from the onset. Everyone was betting on the COVID being an airborne agent. Remember the first calls from government. Stay home. Stay indoors. The first course of action was to shut everything down in that in reality government had no clue how this was attacking.
Out of fear the world shut down. The virus attacked with extreme prejudice. It is as if Darwin’s ghost went rogue to prove his theory (Darwin's Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection- More individuals are produced each generation that can survive. Phenotypic(relating to the observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment.) variation exists among individuals and the variation is heritable. Those individuals with heritable traits better suited to the environment will survive.) on a global scale. The weak died by the thousands. The weak keep expiring now by the millions. No real solution on the horizon other then the development of a vaccine. The magic bullet that raises more questions and doubt then the virus itself.
My concern as a citizen is the lack of preparedness by all government in dealing with this. The lack of continue negligence to prepare for second and possibly third waves. Why are we as world government so slow to react.
The world is changing. Civil rights and freedoms are being complicated. In the name of ‘OUR OWN GOOD’. Or like they like to dress it. “IN THE NAME OF NATIONAL SECURITY”. We are all being forced to catalogue ourselves and pretty much make public our private daily routines.
From the downloading of an apt... sold to you as a preventative and in your best interest tool to track the virus to the skeptics thinking that it is a way for government to trace all people’s movement.
After watching the news.... and after being a victim of self isolation for 14 days... I can openly ask this question. If this is to be followed by the population at large across the world. Why is it that a world leader like Trump is not isolating? Why is not Justin Trudea after his wife became ill not isolating for the mandatory 14 days? Or is the isolation enforced by fines and possible jail time only applicable to the population at large and not the elite in society?
Don’t get me wrong. I respect democracy and it’s many binding aspects. Such as if a person that you did not vote is elected that it is our civil duty to accept as my patriotic duty. Living in a democratic free society I have the right to basic human rights and freedoms. It is my duty as a responsible citizen to uphold the laws of the land. To assure the preservation of society, customs and traditions without compromise or expectation.
One would think that as a citizen I would respect the request to wear a mask in public to protect myself and others from this disease. One would further think that our government would be equally responsible in telling us the truth. After all masks are good but the truth is better.
I say this because in part I truly believe that the government has no clue on how to stop this spread. On the surface to me it appears that we are all doomed to catching it at one time or another. That it is unstoppable. I also believe that this virus is airborne and can be carried in our waterway. Scientists have already found traces of the virus in our sewage. If this stands true what is to say that our tap water is also compromised. This brings me to the my theory that this virus is an out of control infestation that sooner or later it will get you. The vaccine may be a way to slow the infection spread. But I do not see it as the solution to the problem.
The truth may cause wide spread hysteria...we may run out of toilet paper at the store. We may die but the thousands. But we deserve to know the truth.