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MCW ELECTRICS & AUTOMATION knows that over the past few years, real estate developers have been in a race to integrate high-tech solutions and modern facilities into their projects. With the growing focus on smart homes, developers of housing projects are ready for whatever it takes to fit the housing projects with intuitive and intelligent technologies that will ease the lives of the residents. As the connectivity is expected to arrive in the near future, the network technology is expected to be a game changer in the smart home space and make the connected things faster, simpler, and more efficient. There are several startups that have started working on smart home installation Auckland and are fast emerging as smart home service providers. One of them is integrating home design with technology in each of its new housing projects at a development.

A Smart home is increasingly popular, especially in the metropolitan cities. When it comes to home automation, the possibilities for more control and convenience have multiplied. A smart home enables you to take total control of your environment. Security is just one area among many. Home automation systems will allow you to personalize your different rooms and spaces for light, temperature, music & mood. You can make changes by pre-programming and leave the details to your system. You can easily control any aspect of your home, which is connected to your smart home installation Auckland from a remote location. For instance, when you are on holiday or at work, you can control your security and alarm system & monitor your house accordingly.
Once you return, you can watch the video in any room in your house. Home automation allows the home owners to closely monitor the energy and water usage. With energy management software, any device, which is connected to the network can be easily monitored and detailed reports generated as per the scheduled time, hour, day or month. You can incorporate moisture sensors into you system, so when you go on holiday, your lawn is only watered when it's needed. Lights can be automatically set to switch off at a time, or if there is no one detected in the space. It thereby helps save energy expenditure.


Home automation system Auckland – Telegraph

Home automation system Auckland – Telegraph

The concept of smart homes is not a new one. The idea has been around in TV shows and movies where futuristic residential spaces were showcased for entertainment purpose. The concept of smart homes came into existence with the emergence of automated