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By Joe Ingino

“I live a dream in a nightmare world”

The other day video a game taught me a very important lesson. As I attempted to kill some time. I thought to download a game on my smart phone and give it a try.
Soon after playing a few times, I quickly became aware that computer games as any game are nothing but a set of circumstances connected by time and place. There is no real luck. There is no real skill. There is no real magic or divine intervention when it comes to accomplishing levels.
Computer games are nothing but pre-set choices that are predestined by code written to give us the illusion of chance and skill. No matter how hard you try to win. If you miss the key beacons within the code your choice will lead you to an undesirable outcome.
Is this not how life is? Perceived choices that are predestined by time and space by unknown code author we all deem to be some God. Is luck really a factor in choice or is an instinctual act of human nature? Are we in our quest to reign civil and uphold traditions becoming ignorant of the beacons of life. Beacons that have us always making the wrong decisions? Now I understand when people make statements like. ‘SMART PHONES FOR DUMB PEOPLE’.
Is life not on the same model? Is technology not only enlightening and educating us but also bringing us to the realization that we are nothing but characters in a game. Or in the computing world nothing more than one’s and two’s.
These video games are masqueraded with all kinds of colors and themes. They fill our eyes with imagination and hope. In reality it is a type of smoke and mirrors to keep us interested. The games give us goals and levels to achieve with no real tangible reward other than an arbitrary number that ranks performance.
Is this not what our education system does? We are brought up from birth to be fair. To do what is right. To not be selfish and self centered.
To treat others as you would like to be treated. All great human characteristics.... only to be face with the reality that the world is a cold uncring place that only thinks of bottom lines.
A place that achievement by hard work is only attainable by opportunity and who you know not so much what you know.
A place that changes the rule of our upbringing to the realization that success in many cases is unattainable and that most must find satisfaction on maintaining a status quo. We as a people lost the game of life before we actually get a chance to play it and or understand it’s true underlying rules.
Much like me taking on that video game on my smart phone. Leaving me to feel like a big dummy for trying and trying only to be pigeon hole at a level that I could not go beyond.
I was stuck at a level that to me it seemed unpassable only to find the key by asking my son. His knowledge allowed me to go beyond my paramounted achievement level. Once this happened. I put down the game and began to think... Why did I need help? What was the purpose of help? Then it hit me. I was on a ‘SMART PHONE FOR A DUMMY’.
It was like a revelation from the Gods. I was making all the right moves for the wrong reasons.
Much like in life. If you allow the rules of the game to oppress your thinking you will never succeed in real life.
Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying for people to go rouge. What I am saying is work withing the rules. Learn to manipulate the norms and set out barriers. Acknowledge your handicap and learn to over come by playing within the code of the game and that of life.
A code that looks down at you to fall for pitfalls and tests that are by design set forth to have you fail.
Success in life is the manipulation of such obstacles to overcome anything that comes up against you. The fact that I had to ask my son... much like I must rely on experts in real life to assure my ongoing success. A lawyer for legal matters, a doctor for my health, an electrician to fix my electrical problems...so on and so on. Once I had this enlightenment sent from my SMART PHONE. I picked up that phone back up and fired up that game. Every time I got stuck. I looked for that key that a professional would have that I have not yet mastered and learn it. The game all of a sudden became predictable. The game became child’s play as long as you did not think the obvious the zero’s and one’s fell into place and brought me to success. In this case master the game to their finite level. I don’t know who was prouder. Me for learning a valuable lesson or the game for congratulating me for my great achievement of beating it’s final level. Then again, the code writer may not been congratulating me after all and just giving me the finger for having wasted my time with predictable code. Live life to it’s fullest as nothing else makes sense. Game Over, You are Dead.