#everysingletime #enemyofhumanity
We SHALL ban Judaism/Satanism which is FULL of HATE, RACISM and PERVERSION!!!
You CAN'T defeat ENEMY If you DON'T know WHO the REAL 🔯 ENEMY of the WHOLE Humanity is!!!

WHAT is "Loxism"???
It's the jews' HATRED for Gentiles, but the MOST for the White People!!!
It's the MOST pervasive form of Racial HATRED on this Planet, and yet it's NEVER mentioned by MSM. WHY??? Because (((they))) own it!!!

It's the driving FORCE behind MOST World TERRORIST events TODAY!!! It explains WHY jews have been KICKED OUT 359 times of every country (((they))) have been settled in for over 2000 years.
And We are "anti-Semites" 😂 😂 😂

Here is a FULL list of countries (((they))) were EXPELLED from: https://imgur.com/a/3DbMGRa