#christianity is NOT #judaism
#judaism 🔯 is #Satanism 👿

People are BRAINWASHED by "judeo-Christian values" MYTH!!!
There is NO such thing as 'judeo-Christian' values, ethics, principles or standards of behavior, because “The two religions are utterly INCOMPATIBLE, and quite at odds on ALL key issues.

As Apostle Paul asks:
"What fellowship has LIGHT with darkness?" (2 Corinthians 6:14)
What is connection between Jesus Christ and those who HATE Him and who REJECTED Him???

Just read their Talmud. They HATE Jesus, they HATE You, Goyim!!!
Talmud ✡️ is HATE, RACISM and Sexual PERVERSION!!!

The Scripture does NOT need any interpretation.
It's completely clear ==>> it says what it says!!!
And WHAT the Lord says about the FAKE 'Jews'???

"Indeed I will make those of the SYNAGOGUE OF Satan, who say they are Jews and are NOT, but LIE — indeed I will make them come and worship BEFORE YOUR feet, and to know that I have loved you [Christians - followers of Christ]." ~ Jesus Christ (Revelation 3:9; Revelation 2:9)

The term "Judeo Christian" first appeared in a letter from Alexander M'Caul dated October 17, 1821 and it referred to Jewish converts to Christianity.

In the U.S. first time it was used by President Franklin Roosevelt in the late 1930s and was actually popularized to oppose what??? ... RIGHT ==>> the "anti-Semitism".

And WHO are Semites??? Khazarian Ashkenazim are NOT Semites!!!
They are NOT descendants of Shem ==>>Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
They are descendants of Ashkenaz (Genesis 10 & 11)!!!