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stolen from a Vet.....

Edit : I’m gonna throw this out there and say maybe purchase a dictionary and read the whole post before you continue your attacks on me. 😘

I am so sick of YOU PEOPLE always getting your way.

I am so sick of YOU PEOPLE disrespecting Canadian tradition and trying to mould this country in to something it shouldn’t become.

I am so sick of YOU PEOPLE virtue signaling and creating lasting, damaging issues out of simplicity and opinion.

I am so sick of YOU PEOPLE and your attempts to further divide and destroy Canadian heritage and identity.

I am so sick of YOU PEOPLE forcing what you believe on everyone else, but the moment someone else voices opinion it’s attack, attack, attack.

YOU PEOPLE has nothing to do with race, creed or particular identity. YOU PEOPLE has everything to do with the very same people that elected a black face wearing, virtue signaling, race and gender baiting bigot pig and then attack someone in the spotlight for patriotism. YOU PEOPLE applies to any Canadian that is refusing to wear a poppy, refusing to vote, refusing to acknowledge the people that sacrificed EVERYTHING so that you could sleep comfortably at night and boycott your causes and prance about how much better you are than everyone else for your inclusivity and and your status as social justice warrior.

YOU PEOPLE have every right to be here, just like the rest of us. But YOU PEOPLE also need to realize that the universe doesn’t revolve around you. YOU PEOPLE applies to anyone, whether you’re 10th generation Canadian and boycotting the poppy because WaR iS BAd (thank a veteran for the right to be able to have that opinion, potato) or new canadian refusing to stand for the national anthem.

Screw your rainbow poppies. Screw your gender identity politics (that’s politics- read definition in the dictionary please. 🙂 love my LGBTQ2+ peeps. Keep the rainbow poppies at home though) and accusatory attacks on anyone that doesn’t conform. Screw your divisiveness and disgusting treatment of heritage and national identity. Screw prime minister blackface and everything he stands for in every aspect of his life.

NO MORE tiptoeing around people to prevent hurt feelings and spare them the truth. Enough is enough.