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This is the first time I've actually seen any George Floyd video through the whole thing.

From my perspective, George was higher than a kite on something, and he was actively resisting going into the car, because he didn't want to go to jail.

His crying out was probably a combination of agitation and irrational behavior from drug overdose, and the aforesaid fear of going to jail. I have seen this almost exact same behavior myself, when I was an officer. That type of combative, irrational behavior looks very familiar to me.

Having heard him say "I can't breath" for the first time, I'd say it was drug overdose, not what the officer/s did. When you loudly say, "I can't breath," obviously you can. "It's all part of the show," I think is what one officer said, and I agree that it was part of irrational behavior from OD.

I do wonder if being pointed out by the store person was enough probable cause to make a detention/arrest.
I see nothing wrong with the officers efforts to put him in the car, and then hold him down on the ground as he continued to try to escape and/or stay out of the patrol car.

Was an ambulance en route? Not sure if the ambulance was for George or someone else. If it was for George, I'd have to say the officers made a reasonable effort to accommodate what his complaints.

If I had to guess, I would say that the bystanders expressing concern hadn't seen what lead up to the point of George being on the ground, except maybe for the one person, not sure if he was a bystander, who told George he should go into the car.

Did the officers check on his pulse after he stopped moving? Did they make any re-assessment of him after that?

If I had to guess based solely on this video, I'd say he died from drug overdose, and from stress caused by him fighting the officers, that put his body over the limit of what his system could handle.

Overall, I'd say calling this police brutality is ridiculous.

Maybe they failed to re-assess his medical condition when circumstances changed. I'd have ro re-watch this, and any other videos to see if they made some reasonable effort to re-asses and adjust accordingly.

I'd say the real brutality is from those who are using this incident as an excuse to eliminate the police and every other foundation of this country, violently overthrow the United States, and install some kind of truly violent, Marxist dictatorship.