To all who have subscribed to this channel site, I have been engaged in a number of projects around our house of late, including having to prep for evacuation due to forest fires near our mountain location and there has been an avalanche of information being put forward on a number of topics. As an individual who is a natural born citizen of the United States of America (no affiance towards our Brazilian friends who also use that moniker) and is interested in the upcoming national elections in our nation. We have now seen a number of developments on this political stage that highlight the gravity and severity of what is at stake for those who live here, no matter the status they may have in voting in this election. I know of a number of citizens of voting age who are stunned by the events up to this 15th of September 2020 but have not considered voting. My assessment of the direction of events local, state wide (in my place of birth California) and nationally reveal that our state of the union rises to the level of two other elections possibly three. The first is the election of 1800 where it had been so divided that a provision of our constitution had to be used which had the House of Representatives take a vote to decide who would become the President of this country, that decision yielded the Presidency of T. Jefferson. Who for the most part helped build the country into it's current state. The second election is that of 1860 in which a number of states did not participate in the electoral process for President which allowed that process to yield for us the Presidency of A. Lincoln.

This ignited a civil war that marred our nation with wounds that some still nurse but should have healed over especially when at the 50th anniversary of Gettysburg and reenactment of Pickett's Charge. When those men of valor birth in our nation face one another and the men who had worn the gray gave forth the famous yell that their aged and battle scared lungs could produce and reached the aged and battle scared hearts of the men who wore the blue THEY GRONED. Their hearts broke. They rose up from what were their defensive positions on that blood soaked day, for in their minds they beheld again those men determined to remove those they opposed, and saw not enemies but viewed them as true brothers. Brothers not in arms, not Brothers who shared in the same damage with deep wounds to mind and body they would both take to their graves; but Brothers who paid admission at allowed them in their life time to say; We The People in order to Form a more perfect Union and Hold These Truths to Be Self evident; We seek to secure for ourselves and posterity a Life, in Liberty and means to pursue Happiness, by the best measure of Honor a human being can achieve. We have come to know, by our blood, sweat and abundant tears down into the very marrow of our beings that these men are our men of the United States; these are our brothers.

As in that time of war between brothers we are now in a period where both men and women are actively participating in a drama that will not only effect our nation but will effect down to our DNA, seven generations of our children no matter where they live on this blue orb of star dust. But even if the worst were to transpire that are at the very margins of existence groups of people who still move to the rhythms of the cosmos who travel across, earth's grass, rocks, sand, seas owing no allegiance to creed, party, nation or religion. They hold in their DNA the very essences of what it is to be a homo sapien sapien, the last hybridized Great Ape survivor, that desires peace but will ignite that essences when placed into a heated cauldron under repressive constant pressure. We rebel. Slaves rebel, Peasants rebel. Commoners rebel. Merchants rebel. Monks rebel. Nobels rebel. Even Royals rebel. But riots are not rebellions. They are insurrections.

It has been that for several thousands of years humanity has be harness, hobbled, or ridden by forces mired in very dark evil intent. Some might say it is in their DNA as hybrids. Possibly, but will not be determined until they are on the autopsy table for a vivisectional exam. But that if for a future date. At present our human family, we are all cousins to one another 27th cousins, 27 times removed. We would have to quadruple (26 billion) our population numbers to even come close to reaching the 28th, 28th times removed.
Sorry I digress. Back to those with evil intent, an intent that is anti-human even to themselves. Like Nazis who believe themselves to be pure blood but find more than one non-native wood type in their DNA wood pile. Evidence has emerged that these contaminated anti-humans have been at their plans for generations with the latest having roots that extend back in the mid 1800's. They harnessed applied science to develop means to control our species at every level of existence. From what we breath, drink, eat, cloth ourselves with, live in, wash with, educate by, workmanship we function in,
think with, view or auditorially hold as having beauty or value (even anti-value is one), believe to be paramount or perceive to be what reality is, they have sought means to control and impose on every sector of humanity - control. Control on the ability of a human to defy Divinity. Because if we can defy Divinity we can alter the frequency of the cosmos and we can wipe from existence them, down to the last sub atomic quark that composes the assemblage of their being. Their fear of us is palpable.

Here is their underlying weakness, they have used every means of control on their offspring and themselves. We use the phrase; They drank the Koolade. Something that actually happened to a group that followed into death at the order of an evil, insane, cult leader in a jungle compound decades ago. These anti-humans forgot that they have bound themselves to a path of control that is on autopilot. The best example I can put forward it Kobe Bryant. He died for their cause and for all he achieved in his life the only memorial he got was a musical number at the televised (with low ratings) musical number that no one sings today. Dang even Tom Dooley can still be sung by some today. When these anti-humans fall I don't even think there will be a song used to commemorate their passing. Not even their children, as they will be so fractured in their minds because the control levers will have stopped working which will leave them drooling on themselves, as all higher mental functions will have stopped due to no input reaching their cerebral cortex. From then on they will be just be passing through this existence until all neurons stop functioning. Some might become vessels for a non-corporal entity but we will hopefully spot that and dump that body feet first into a slow grind wood chipper tied into a mega multi tonnage fly wheel that could use the plasma compound to lubricate the bearing. Why not even the Nazis made a measly profit on each life process through their final solution.

Those who doubt the veracity of what I am writing should consider that up to the decade of my birth there had been over 2 world wars, 8 regional wars and in 1956 two conflicts, one in Hungary and the other for a Canal in the Sinai. In those two conflicts, there was exposure for the Globalist New World Order efforts to bring about the enslavement agenda they had planned. They did not have the financial depth nor the political control to force the world to follow their agenda. They were venerable to economic forces that would undermine what they had recovered from world war 2. They did not have secure energy supply chains. There was too much outside their gasp and control. They lacked actural leverage to make and move humanity to their way. Now, for the next 70 years since that time they have rigged the board to set the pieces in a way that would yield them their desired outcome.

Problem, those that knew the plan and implemented most of the parts are almost all dead and those below them are eager to rip control from their hands if not already having done so. Those now in control of the levers of power are punch drunk in the full throws of blind inebriation of power. Mistakes are abounding as they believe they understand the complexity of the plan but are careening across the landscape of the plan exposing the weakest link in the agenda, the people they are using to foment discord and strive. They are puppets who's strings are being pulled by drunken masters, vying for control at the top. They are still deadly dangerous to all, for those who oppose them and that are in alliance with them and like an animal will gnaw off their own arm or any other in vicinity of their jaws when they find they are being hindered. There is still roughly into the first quarter of the coming year that we must be vigilant, prepared and ready for action until a super majority of the Global elites face justice and receive recompense for their actions. And where we go all they too will be dragged. A Qanon