1. O the immense, the amazing height,
The boundless grandeur of our God,
Who treads the worlds beneath His feet,
And sways the nations with His nod!

2. He speaks, and lo! all nature shakes;
Heaven’s everlasting pillars bow;
He rends the clouds with hideous cracks,
And shoots His fiery arrows through.

3. Let noise and flame confound the skies,
And drown the spacious realms below,
Yet will we sing the Thunderer’s praise,
And send our loud hosannas through.

4. Celestial King! Thy blazing power
Kindles our hearts to flaming joys;
We shout to hear Thy thunders roar,
And echo to our Father’s voice.

5. Thus shall the God our Saviour come,
And lightnings round His chariot play;
Ye lightnings, fly to make Him room!
Ye glorious storms, prepare His way!

Henry Ward Beecher, Plymouth Collection of Hymns and Tunes for the Use of Christian Congregations, (New York: A. S. Barnes & Company, 1859), 42.