The Underground Shares 10% Initial Private Offering IPO!
The Underground Social Network is offering 10% of it’s shares up for sale with a Initial Private Offering IPO.

Who we are!

The Underground social network is a fast-growing social network that offers freedom of speech to and its members privacy with the messenger. Your information is your own and we will never sell your information. All messages are 100% private not even admin can view what you say in private message from one person to the next person.


With adds, we have on the side with our site it allows people to rent additional space. This space is $250 a week and we have maximum 200 slots 10 will show up randomly at all times so every time your page is refreshed the adds change. This comes to $50,000 a week in income for The Underground Social Network. With 52 weeks in the year, this will make $2,600,000 million USD a year for this additional space alone. We have banner adds one on top and one on the bottom of the site as traffic increases this will stand to bring in millions a year also.


You are buying shares in this fast-growing company, now would be a good time before we start to really take off. What if you had a chance to invest in Facebook or Twitter before it became huge how much money you could have made. Now you have an opportunity to do this again. 10% of the company is up for sale, we are selling 0.01% of the company per share for $100 each USD. This Is pre-sale to raise the funds for us to continue growing. The company will be set up private stock so this way we know who is buying the shares from our company. The reason why we don’t just sell off our 10% of our shares to one person is because we want members to be part owners this makes the site have better quality and has people who care.

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Each person who buys shares will get an email when everything is set up for the new company. We will also pay out dividends every quarter to each shareholder so make sure you put in all the way to get a hold of you. Please make sure you keep us up to date if you move or if you have any change. The best way is to notify us by email or mail to Box 157 Lanigan SK S0K-2M0. Canada.

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