So with yak trak 2.0 can we get any questions

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I don't understand, is there an update related rs 2007 gold to archeology? What's the Archeology guild? This sounds like a pre-release teaser of a sort, although I've not had chance to take a look yet. A minor upgrade to the Varrock digsite place prior to the skill comes out in full.I just tried logging in on cellular myself, also (did actually have an upgrade ), perhaps it required a second between the appstore and our systems to sync. It took longer to longer to log in that normal, but I got in eventually. I will keep an eye out. I've spoken to team, and they informed me that it can sometimes take around 30 minutes for the upgrade in the appstore to eventually become available to everyone.

Right... running a multiple week advertising with lots of jobs with at the exact same time everybody will want to focus on the new ability. Jagex level genius.They verified that there are archaeology related tasks on the monitor. Archaeology releases March 30th. Is this not a problem? Yes, it begins before but it runs right throughout the release. It's multiple concurrent events which make this match a mess. You waste time because it is time-limited instead of doing what you desire, doing one thing.

So you are telling me you anticipate doing 100% of the time for at least a month? Because archaeology is not an event it is not an issue. It is possible to opt to do it in the event that you want to do yak monitor. You might also choose to do archaeology or change between the two.Can't say people are not doing Yak Track if you force them to do a number of the measures by playing the brand new skill.It's kind of odd timing. They did say that some of the tasks would be so it does feature. If I'm able to start the yak monitor, receiving the premium rewards and getting the itens and upgrade for top yak track, anyone know?

So with yak trak 2.0 can we get any questions to buy rs 3 gold answered here: are there going to be some arch related tasks, and if so will there be option to NOT have them for those who wish to acquire yak trak done ahead of arch comes out so we arent getting distracted by yak trak while grinding arch. I would hate to only have the ability to go up like 15 yak trak levels then be made to wait to advance because theirs arch ones in there. Have the numbers been adjusted in any way? Last years was cool but the numbers of shit you needed to perform were so unbalanced and god awful like it would be"bury 3000 bones, OR complete 50 agility laps!" Those were god unbalanced and awful and I hope they shifted this year.what will the premium yak trak price? So many people who ue in game gp for bonds may prepare.