Has anybody thought PSO2 Meseta

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Has anybody thought PSO2 Meseta that they could use servers and perform an english translation?

Has anybody thought PSO2 Meseta that they could use servers and perform an english translation? Contemplating their initiative together with ps vita and ps4, I find no reason have 1 unified match across all platforms and they wouldn't wish to throw xbox into the fray. Especially if its gonna be up to date with the content, assuming that includes. Then the huge player base could be joined by xbox players. They have already seen the english community can meld well with their jp player foundation also. It doesn't really make them sense to release Phantasy Star Online 2 with a set of servers at the west, especially considering server cost.

Since Sega has never been confident about Phantasy Star Online 2 in the west and Microsoft forking the cost was. You'll also have audio issues when too much shit is occurring which for me led to sounds just getting muted or blow your ears out mangled garbage.

Likewise don't get duped to the gacha crap because that is where your money is going to be thrown right into. Everything is a grind festival and a half so than any other game I've played along with the story is...unique. I truly expect the more interesting outfits will not be eliminated because that is like 60% or more of the costume designs and I'd hate for these to simply not be utilized due to the fear of censorship. I don't know if I'm gonna dive back into PSO2 after getting burnt out and getting pissed at Hero course back.

Because that excuse was a bold faced lie, it will not happen. What really occurred was that yoshi wanted the free publicity and went to the cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta group and informed them"hey, do a collab together and then we will do one with you" - that they did, and no one about the ffxiv team would say anything about performing their end of the deal to get a year. After fans finally became bloated sufficient yoshi spat out a justification for why they didn't hold their end up. The entire thing was pitiful and embarrassing. He didn't ever intend to perform a yield collab, despite all the promises. It was up a lie. He got PSO2 to provide his game a lot of PR and exposure and wouldn't return the favor. There was an interim where he claimed when they had time, the collab would happen. So he went from"yes" to"When we have time" into"not a large enough game for us to market".