Why Billing and Charging is the Backbone of Present-Day MVNO Operations?

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To meet the challenges of 2021, a telecom services provider needs new functionalities such as real-time charging, quick monetization and APIs. You can create a wonderful portfolio of telecom services without exerting yourself if you have the support of a capable telecom services provider.

When it comes to delivering telecom services, the role of billing and charging system is second to none. Every customers want complete transparency in billing. No one wants to pay a penny extra if it isn’t justified. Billing and charging functions are not only about money but also trust. So, if you are an MVNO ready to build your very own empire, it is high time that you prioritize billing and charging over other responsibilities. 

The Role of MVNE in MVNO Success

Billing and Charging

An MVNE is an important cog in an MNO-MVNO relationship. It provides MVNOs the all-important telecom infrastructure and at the same time allows it to access telecom resources such as Radio Access Network (RAN) at a lower price. 

Expanding Role of Telecom Support Services

The complexity within the telecom industry is increasing at a breakneck pace. Every other day there are new functionalities and services that are added to the system, which are making everything more intricate than ever before. In order to stay abreast of current technologies and supply best services to your customers, you need the services of a telecom support services provider.

A telecom support services provider can offer you the following services:

Online Charging System

A real-time charging system is the need of the hour in today’s competitive telecom industry. It allows you to create convergent invoices that reflect all service charges on a single document. OCS is also exceptional at enforcing credit limits. Hence, customers using postpaid services get timely notification when they are about to exceed their allotted quota of data or call minutes. 

Monetization and Point of Sale

You are able to monetize your services in a much better way by using a centralized charging system like OCS. The telecom support services can also provide you access to a point of sale that can be used for selling all offerings. 

Revenue Assurance

To prevent any type of revenue leakage, you require complete revenue assurance. The best telecom support services platform such as Online Charging System are always tracking and evaluating every transaction. All duplicate entries are checked and rectified. Customers’ histories are screened and their buying patterns are analyzed. So, it becomes easier for you to maintain a grasp on your services when you employ the services of a dedicated telecom services provider.

At Online Charging System, you get access to a proven telecom support platform that has already worked flawlessly for many MNOs, MVNOs and MVNEs.