The sales of pneumatic tools have been further stabilized

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The market for pneumatic tools is favored by merchants.


The market for pneumatic tools is favored by merchants. On the one hand, its technical requirements are relatively high. In the past, most of the products were mainly imported from the United States, Germany, and Japan. The products on the hardware city market were mostly from Taiwan. Now with the improvement of domestic production technology, some enterprises like Wenzhou and Shanghai have launched pneumatic tool products.

Pneumatic tools are widely used in the assembly industry, machinery industry, transportation industry of Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian and other coastal provinces and cities, as well as the assembly of scooters, electric bicycles, and motorcycles in Yongkang, as well as auto repair shops and some assembly line enterprises. Pneumatic tools have been used by manufacturers and manufacturers, such as Xingyue, Zhengyu, and Changlong.

These pneumatic tools are also widely used in places where power tools are inconvenient to use, such as woodworking, lock making, gas stations, chemical industries, and so on. Coupled with the further follow-up of after-sales service, the previous worries have been dispelled, and the sales of pneumatic tools have been further stabilized.

Broadly speaking, a pneumatic tool is mainly a tool that uses compressed air to drive a pneumatic motor and output kinetic energy to the outside. According to its basic working mode, it can be divided into: 1) Rotary type (eccentric movable blade type). 2) Reciprocating type (Volume piston type) General pneumatic tools are mainly composed of the power output part, the operation form conversion part, the intake and exhaust path part, the operation start and stop control part, the tool housing and other main parts. Of course, the operation of the pneumatic tool must also have an energy supply part, Air filtration and air pressure adjustment parts, tool accessories, etc.

The use of pneumatic tools is the same as that of electric tools, and it is even better. It has a small and exquisite body, long life, high safety, and can save energy. As far as the current overall situation is concerned, its variety and specifications are relatively complete, such as wind chisel, gun drill, polisher, impact wrench, etc., but because its market price is generally higher than that of electric tools, this has also become This is one of the main reasons why pneumatic tools have not been widely used. But according to business owners, with the continuous improvement and maturity of domestic production technology, the price of pneumatic tools will gradually drop.

Pneumatic tool is one of the main components, mainly composed of a pneumatic motor and a power output gear. It relies on high-pressure compressed air to blow the motor blades to make the motor rotor rotate, output rotational movement to the outside, and drive the entire operation form to transform part of the movement through the gear . According to whether the stator and the rotor are concentric, air motors can be divided into concentric motors and eccentric motors; according to the number of air intake holes, they can be divided into single air inlet motors, double air inlet motors, and multiple air inlet motors.

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