Delectable Food Tour of the Tropical Paradise - Maldives

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Maldives is a tropical paradise of South Asia. Its incredible beauty and pristine white sand beaches have always attracted tourists. Maldives is actually a cluster of 1200 islands among which 200 islands are for local natives and 100 islands have been turned into exotic resorts for the tou

Maldives is a tropical paradise of South Asia. Its incredible beauty and pristine white sand beaches have always attracted tourists. Maldives is actually a cluster of 1200 islands among which 200 islands are for local natives and 100 islands have been turned into exotic resorts for the tourists. The biggest industry of Maldives is tourism so the islands are crafted with utmost brilliance.
You can avail bargain flights to Maldives even in high seasons . These islands have their own reefs which allow the tourists to swim and dive without getting into any harm from the ocean current. The islands are clad with palm trees and vegetation.
The local culture is a fusion of South Indian and Arab culture and thus the influence is reflected in the local cuisine. The appetizing gastronomic experience of the lovely restaurants will leave you amazed. It offers an range of high-end restaurants for the tourists with exclusive cuisine and accommodation. These restaurants offer both traditional and continental flavors.
The staple ingredient of Maldives is fish which is found in the menu of all the restaurants and is served differently to suit your palate. Apart from seafood ,citrus , Here we have the list of some of the best resorts, which excel in consuming the lovely local flavors and turning them into to scrumptious gourmet delight of Maldives.

Sea Fire Salt Sky Restaurant:
This is a contemporary style restaurant with a unique structure and palatable local and Asian cuisine. The beautiful fusion of local produce served in an amazing setting is a standout of this food joint . The restaurant offers sophistication nd romance for a perfect dine-out . This is actually a restaurant complex with four parts under the name of Sea, Fire , Salt and Sky .
In the Fire section a theatrical sight awaits the patrons as the chefs methodicaly prepare dishes before their eyes . In th Salt section , an array of delicious Seafood platters and dishes are served on the Slab of a Salt to intensify the tantalizing experience .In the Sky section , as the name denotes,the incredible tapas and cocktails are served on the roof top setting where you can enjoy an amazing view of the Ocean waters . Lastly the most iconic section of the restaurant is the Sea Cellar which has a panoramic aquarium like setting .
You can enjoy the food under the water while watching the beautiful tropical marine life through the huge Glass windows .The beautiful effect of this part of Hotel with the scrumptious menu of native delicacies is undoubtedly an exquisite experience with your loved one.

Aioli Restaurant:
Aioli restaurant is located in,Male`and It serve the best traditional South Asia food with a Mediterranean twist. The restaurant has a modern attire with dark wood interiors and beige upholstery. The true colors of Maldivian cuisine are portrayed in an incredibly delicious feast and you can enjoy the appetizing food with your heart's content in a chic environment.
This place is ideal for corporate lunches or Family get togethers. The menu of this exotic place has a variety of local cuisine.There speciality is the traditional Maldivian chicken curry( addu kukulhu reha) or spicy fried cuttle fish with saffron infused rice. The customers have a choice to have their dinner in their large dining rooms or the balcony area which is a perfect fit for a romantic dine-out under the starlit Maldivian sky.

The Sea House:
This exceptionally beautiful restaurant needs no introduction. The restaurant's balcony is ideally located to provide a scenic sight of the Indian Ocean. It gives an impeccable setting to enjoy a quite romantic evening with customary Maldivian food and mocktail, while admiring the panoramic lagoons and a brilliant sunset.
Relish your diner with the traditional green curry and Mashuni Roshi a classical Maldivian delight prepared by tuna, chili, lime and coconut oil. The food is pretty reasonable and you can afford a luxury lunch in affordable price.It’s a perfect destination for a fun filled family holiday or a romantic retreat for a couple.

This exquisite restaurant is a hot favorite for native Maldivians. The place is furnished with dark interior which gives the place a modish but cozy look. It is the oldest restaurant in Maldives and is renowned for its classic flavors. It offers a range of extraordinary native dishes with local produce.
The expedient dining area is bliss for the couples who choose to dine out and taste the flavor of traditional Maldivian and Indian food. Some European dishes are also included in the menu to complement the local flavors. The specialty of Symphony includes the tuna macaroni and smoked fish which are a favorite for a Maldivian palate.
Mixed seafood platters seasoned with native flavors and grilled prawns served with lemon butter sauce. This place is a real gem of a Maldives. Once you visit symphony you won’t be able to forget the exclusive taste, exquisite setting and commendable service.

Muraka is a Mirhi Island resort with rustic wooden interior and an open deck which provide a dazzling view of clear turquoise water of the ocean. This restaurant offers an array of exotic dishes. Ranging from local native flavors to continental delights.This place is famous due to its unique flavor blend and inventive method.
The staple fresh ingredients are consumed to enhance the intriguing flavor to native cuisine which is a tantalizing experience for patrons. The specialties of muraka include the peppercorn Maldivian tuna with papaya salad and papaya seed dressing. Moreover the grilled lobster is a mouth watering treat served with steamed rice or a basic salsa . It is undoubtly a perfect escape for a peaceful family dinner away from the hustle of the main city .