Linsheng Electrical Company -12 Things About Air Compressors

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Every year we will find more uses for air compressors. Once put into use, you will immediately feel its impact on your time and energy. In this guide, we will give you the confidence to choose the right tool for the right job and return to the most important position.


Every year we will find more uses for air compressors. Once put into use, you will immediately feel its impact on your time and energy. In this guide, we will give you the confidence to choose the right tool for the right job and return to the most important position.


1. Air foundation
The working principle of the compressor is to continuously suck in the surrounding air and mechanically squeeze it through the internally moving components and compress it into a usable force to provide power for the pneumatic tool. Once the maximum pressure (PSI) is reached, the duty cycle is complete.

The total air volume that a compressor can produce is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), which is usually the most important factor in choosing the right power to power all tools. There are many types, but the most common types are listed below.


2. The right tool-the right job
As we all know, every job has right (wrong) tools. Without their powered machines and pneumatic tools, air compressors will be useless, but in many applications, choosing the right air compressor may be difficult. Start asking yourself the right questions as early as possible, such as "what use will the compressor be used for", "where will it be installed" and "how much power do I need" are all good starting points.

The next section will be broken down by user type and common applications they have. Each section has its own detailed guide to help you find the ideal compressor for you.


3. For homeowners
Having a small compressor means always helpless in life. This means that there will be no more air leaks. Knowing that you fixed something yourself (for example, a professional) is a sense of satisfaction. With the help of air compressors, you can make it easier than you think, to increase the value of the house.

Whether repairing a sagging deck or replacing an old decorative panel, you can save thousands of dollars in basic maintenance costs and complete the project like a professional in the afternoon of a day. All you need to know is how the compressors and tools work. Suddenly, the boring "repair list" immediately becomes easy and even a little interesting.

In order to freely become a weekend warrior or an experienced do-it-yourself, it is best to choose a larger single-stage air compressor or upgrade to a professional model. Larger water tanks and more power mean greater capacity when carpenting in garages, relocating houses, building sheds, or doing other advanced housing improvement projects on your own.


4. For professionals
For contractors and business owners, there is no second best option. You already know that the right air compressor can not only power your workshop or workplace, but also save money by working as hard as you can.

The air compressor we are talking about makes it possible to build light houses, build dozens of decks, paint hundreds of cars or replace thousands of truck tires every year. With the right compressor, you will feel comfortable at the end of the day.

The professional-grade air compressor can withstand the severe test of any work site, and is designed to be durable in any place where it is needed.

In order to conduct business effectively, it is best to conduct two assessments and cut one. You won't find the same air system in the dentist's office as in the tire shop. You owe yourself and your business to ask the right questions before buying.


5. For manufacturers
In a rapidly changing economic environment, factories and the entire industry rely heavily on industrial-grade air compressors to meet changing demands. Choosing the right system will drive success by maximizing production operation and efficiency.

These air compressor systems are the most powerful in the field, which is no secret, and powerful motivation also means an expensive investment-therefore, understanding the key information will make you make the most suitable for yourself and Your company's decision.

It is also important to consider your growing business. Today your air demand may double within five years, and your air system should be able to adapt to this growth.

Decisions about the environment, location, pump lubrication, CFM, 1-phase or 3-phase power requirements, air handling, air dryer, line filter, regulator, and turning each stone are critical to proper installation. Although undersized compressors are a bad thing, remember that oversized systems can also waste power. This is where VSD technology becomes more and more important.

Commercially operated air compressors have a wide range of options, even including customized versions for unconventional applications. For simplicity, this guide is specifically for commercial / industrial applications.


6. Air compressor type
The basic principle of understanding the working principle of gears is not only applicable to reducers. Everyone will benefit from knowing the technology.


Reciprocating piston compressor
Reciprocating piston compressors are the most widely used. Just like your car's engine, the internal crankshaft drives the piston in the cylinder in a reciprocating motion, creating a vacuum that draws in air when retracted and pushes it into the tank when extended.

Because the internal components are in contact with each other, these compressors produce friction and are louder and louder than other types of air compressors when operating. However, newer technologies such as oil-free and dual-piston compressors can reduce the overheating and noise associated with piston compressors.


Rotating screw in compressor

Rotary screw technology is a trusted main product in the automotive industry and is used in heavy-duty applications that require high power for long periods of time. Just like supercharged hot rods, these compressors are ideal for maximizing intake air and maximizing expenditure. When air enters the sealed chamber, the air is squeezed between two (spiral opposed) male and female rotating screws.

When the screws engage with each other, they reduce the amount of air trapped and compress the compressed air at the appropriate pressure level. Unlike reciprocating piston compressors, rotating screw rotors are not in contact and have fewer moving parts, and because they are oil-sealed, they require much less maintenance over time.


Scroll air compressor

Scroll compressors use two helical circular parts that rotate around each other to compress air. One scroll is fixed in a stationary position, and the other scroll is fixed inside the scroll and moves in a tight circular motion without rotating.

Scroll compressor technology is everywhere. From refrigeration to electronics manufacturing, and even turbochargers in high-efficiency vehicles, they have a wide range of applications.

Moreover, these compressors are capable of producing the cleanest industry standard air according to ISO standards. These ratings make it 100% oil-free and operate quietly, making it ideal for use in the electronics, pharmaceutical, dental and food industries.

7. Air compressor technology
Although the concept of mechanical compressed air has existed for more than 100 years, in the past fifty years, the technology of air compressors has developed rapidly to adapt to the changing needs and use of compressed air.

Starting with a single-stage machine compressing air in a single "stroke" to a two-stage compressor (compressing at twice the air pressure), the rapid development of technology has further refined the need for compressor applications that always require maximum efficiency.

Newer technological advances such as variable speed drives allow compressors to only run at the required speed and voltage to provide you with the right amount of compressed air at the right pressure and at the right time. The variable frequency drive innovation is more novel, it allows the compressor to control the speed and torque of the motor through AC power from A / C to D / C and control the input frequency and voltage.

With the discovery of new uses for air compressors and the introduction of quieter, cleaner, faster and stronger machines, innovation is impeccable. Teflon-coated gas cylinders and bioengineering designs are just a few examples of how to solve unique problems in this field.

Reduce noise
Whether you work indoors at home or have a mechanic in the compressor workshop in the same workshop, you must consider the noise level and quiet compressor operation. Regardless of the type or location of the air compressor, there are solutions to help reduce noise, such as housings, shock absorbers and compressors that use soundproofing materials.

With the advancement of technology, we now have quiet, oil-free compressors, because of their casing, they have extremely low noise, and can run all day without slowing down, which makes it an industry that needs to run 24/7 Ideal. Other technologies such as VSD, VFD and dual-piston design also help reduce operating noise.

Complete your aerial system
At Air Compressors Direct, we provide a complete compressed air system to ensure you have everything you need to make the right investment

8. Pneumatic tools
Pneumatic hammer

Pneumatic tools have completely changed the way people and businesses work. For the first time, they allow more work to be completed faster than traditional costs, and unlike battery-operated tools, pneumatic tools do not require an internal motor or external power source to work, but still provide the best power And performance.

Filling the garage workshop with a pneumatic impact wrench, spray gun, stapler, stapler, ratchet wrench or sandblaster will allow you to use a power supply (air compressor) to complete almost all tasks at home, while Will not cost money.


9. Air treatment
Air dryer

Proper air handling is like life insurance for an air compressor. Over time, dirty air can cause damage until you face very expensive repairs and expensive downtime.

Clean, dry air is essential to protect the tools and machines that operate the compressor. Air dryers remove moisture and some contaminants, while air filters further purify the air by removing fine particles and aerosol contaminants. Clean air not only protects your tools, but also protects the compressor ’s air storage tank (through the use of drain holes) and air lines from the constant generation of unfiltered humid air, which will pass over time Cause damage to the interior.


10. Basic accessories

We provide air compressor accessories and kits to improve the performance of your air compressor system. These include lubricators, regulators, additional air tanks, spare pumps, air hoses, extension cords, oil and pressure gauges. We also provide air delivery solutions to take your air wherever you need it.


The advantage of portable air compressors is that they can reach exactly where they are needed. Whether it is a handheld inflator suitable for your car seat or an off-road DC air compressor suitable for weekend vacations, there are portable compressors that can support any lifestyle.

For homeowners and contractors, portability means being able to carry dual-stack or hot dog compressors around the house, and even work with mobile air compressors installed on trucks or trolleys. You don't need to worry about how to power pneumatic tools in the crawl space under the roof or deck.


11. Installation
Larger stationary air compressors and air solutions for industrial production will need to be installed with the help of qualified installers who are familiar with state and local regulations, and can ensure appropriate protective measures and can use maximum power and application requirements.


12. Choose the right air compressor
Various levels of air compressors can increase productivity every day. Although it may be daunting to find the right compressor at first, you now have the knowledge and tools you need to make an informed decision based on your needs to decide which compressor is best for you.


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