Linsheng-Emergency Lights: 7 Things Elaborated

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The fire emergency lighting system includes emergency lighting, emergency exit signs and lights, which are used to cut off the normal lighting power in the event of a fire, guide trapped people and set up evacuation or fire fighting rescue operations. The precautions for buying emergency l

1.When buying emergency lights, it is best to formally protect reputable stores and supermarkets.

2. Pay attention to identify the authenticity of the emergency light when purchasing. You need to have a product certificate, and ask for a formal invoice and a three-pack gift certificate.

3. When using and charging, consumers should strictly follow the instructions in the product instruction manual, and keep away from flammable items to avoid unnecessary losses.

4. When emergency lights are used in the event of an accident or problem, relevant departments should strengthen the corresponding emergency light market management to ensure the safety of consumers during periods of stressful electricity use;

5. It is necessary to further strengthen the order of the emergency light market and achieve healthy and orderly development.

6. Take effective measures to standardize the order of market operations and prevent repeated accidents.

7. Establish and improve relevant management systems to fully guarantee the safe consumption of personal property during periods of insufficient electricity consumption.


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