How Rapid Splitters Improve Efficiency

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The Rapid Splitter is a great help for secondary processing of wood. It speeds up work and saves human capital.

The Rapid Splitter is a great help for secondary processing of wood. It speeds up work and saves human capital. As far as the Rapid Splitter is concerned, we want it to continue to operate efficiently. You have to know what parts it is composed of, and the importance of daily maintenance and cleaning of these parts to the fast divider can be imagined. A good Rapid Splitter will not only save you a lot of time but also reduce labor costs.

The Rapid Splitter is mainly composed of three parts: the rotor, the upper body and the lower body. The efficiency of the rotor depends on the motor. A good motor can be said to be the soul of a shredder. Then comes the upper body and the lower base. The next step is the crushing room. The quality of the blade is noisy to the crushing wood of the fast divider?

Therefore, pay attention to the situation of the daily fast divider in time. 1. The base of the fast divider should be firm, and there should be no shaking when shaking. Second, the signal of the Rapid Splitter must be sensitive and reliable, and no signal is forbidden to start. (If the machine is turned on, it will hurt the user, so the safety awareness must be done well.) 3. The scraper and screws of the fast divider must be tightly pinched together, which will cause the scraper to break and hurt people. Fourth, the coupling parts composed of fast dividers such as motors, reducers, hydraulic couplings, etc. must be firm and free from shaking. Also note that these components must not leak oil, and the amount of oil must be appropriate. Fifth, there should be no sundries near the head of the Rapid Splitter, and the dust must be disposed of in time. 6. When the quick splitter is turned on, listen to the sound of the motor speed for abnormal sounds. Check if there are any deformations or looseness in the connecting devices such as the scraper, chain, and connecting ring (if any, turn off the machine and replace it immediately) VII. The connecting line between the conveyor head and the end of the loader of the Rapid Splitter should be reasonable and cannot be connected, which will increase the loss (at least once a week, check the joints of the line to see if there is any Exposure is responsible for causing oxidation)

The choice of the blade is directly related to the shape and efficiency of the formed material from the crushed wood. The common blades of the quick divider are movable knives and are fixed with screws. When using the machine daily, I feel that the efficiency of crushing the wood is not high, and the cut wood is not very good. The first thing you think of is that the blade may blunt you. Replace the blade and see. If it works, stop the machine. Continue to recycle until the blade edge is completely blunt (in general, the blade of the grinder can be used for at least five months).

Know what factors affect the Rapid Splitter, and some ways to correct it. You can easily control the fast divider, make it serve you, improve the efficiency of wood shredding, and increase the service life of the machine.

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