Please look into this and take out some time to get player badges right for 2K21.

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Please look into this and take out some time to get player badges right for 2K21.

Give us a conventional prep to college to pro storyline, such as in 2K16, and also the capability to become born in other nations and go to 2K MT college there, play in that country's league and go to the NBA out there. Nothing specific, no unwanted characters, possibly an optional narrative where its tougher for people who choose to be born in regions, but nothing extra. Let us interact with players and lovers more. Where I'd 200 million fans, social networking expansion needs to be more exponential rather than linear, but nothing much like in 2K18. Let's select what season we are drafted, such as we can opt to set the story in the 80's and play against Michael Jordan with any year, or no websites and no zone protection.

Let's salary buy our clothes, food (to change weight) home, car, and so on, and allow VC be spent money that was not in our wages. Individuals will spend more than their salary, let's be able to go in debt, thats you, 2K, will earn money from MyCareer. This is just icing on the cake for me: Girlfriend. I would like a girlfriend, Make her glamorous, maybe a facescan for those who have actual girlfriends Speaking of women MyPlayers, let us go to NBA or the WNBA if good enough.

MyCareer Wish: do not create your AI teammates become sucked of their basketball skills when you are on the court. NONE of my teammates can make open shots, so I'm playing at the moment and Pascal Siakim literally just shot a 1 on 2 layup off the base of the rim. Hall of Fame difficulty is hopeless when you're teammates are made to be unable to play basketball. The teammates definitely could use a few improvements.

Just triple threats until he is guarded -the ai is awful at spacing the floor, they always cut right at you as soon as you have the ball so that you end up moving out of a semi demanding 1 on 1 ownership that turns into too many folks in a 3 feet area -for some reason your teammates have been distance jam stripped of everything which got them into the league, so when you play against giannis he crushes your own team. He has a fantastic understanding of his size advantage he has over the sf's that guard him. I have to change to 2-3 zone that my completely undersized sf isn't guarding him, but he kills it. If giannis is in my team, he'll get blocked by everyone and their mother, particularly guards for some reason, he's indecisive, so when he is open under the hoop he pump fakes repeatedly.

Throughout 2K20 it's been very hard to make consistent shots. For example the shooting system of 2K19 was perfect!!! Recently I have never been able to make whites that are full, it's lates or either green discharge. In 2K21 I am expecting to find a similar shooting system to 2K19's. You guys should take time out to apply the right badges to certain players. For example Current/All-Time/ Classic Stephen Curry has just 2-3 HoF Shooting badges and 0 finishing badges, regarding 2K19 he had many shooting and finishing HoF badges. Please look into this and take out some time to Buy NBA 2K MT get player badges right for 2K21.