Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers -Kitchen Faucet Selection, Which Considerations

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When decorating kitchens and bathrooms, everyone is very concerned about large items such as cooker hoods, stoves, basins, and water heaters. In fact, Xiaobian wants to say that as the two areas in the entire house where water is most frequently used, Small things like kitchen faucets shou


First, the composition of the faucet


I ’ve seen faucets a lot, but I do n’t know how much you know about the structure of faucets. Generally speaking, the faucet is divided into four parts: water outlet, control, fixed and water inlet.

The faucet is fixed on the basin, sink, etc. through fixed parts. The water enters the control part through the water inlet hose. Then we adjust the water temperature and volume through the control part. Finally, the water flows out through the water outlet. There are many types of water outlets, including ordinary water outlets, water outlets with curved pipes, pull-out outlets, waterfall outlets, and so on. When choosing a faucet, pay attention to the size of the basin and sink.


Second, the type of structure


If it is divided according to the structure, the faucet can be divided into single, double and triple. In addition, there are points for single and dual handles (also called single and dual controls).

Single type: can be connected to cold water pipe or hot water pipe;

Double type: It can connect two pipes of hot and cold at the same time, and it is mostly used in faucets of bathroom sinks and kitchen sinks with hot water supply;

Triple type: In addition to two pipes for hot and cold water, you can also connect shower heads, which are mainly used for bathtub faucets.

Single handle: adjust the temperature of hot and cold water by one handle;

Double handles: The cold water pipe and hot water pipe need to be adjusted separately to adjust the water temperature.


If these two structures are combined, we will have the common choices of single-link single-control, dual-link single-control, dual-link dual-control faucets, etc. How to choose, depending on the use location and habits ~ what kind of faucet is your home?

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