French Translation Services| 7 Challenges|

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Translators and translation agencies offering French translation services have to offer multiple challenges. Have a look at these issues by clicking here.

French is a language that is spoken in every continent except Antarctica. The French language speakers are everywhere. In total there are more than 280 million French speakers around the world. Out of which 68 million are the native speakers of the language. French, in Europe, is the second most spoken native language. The language has donated a lot of words to the English language because of its Italian and Germanic roots.

Because of its wide reach in the world, and a huge number of speakers, it is quite obvious that businesses are diverting towards the French-speaking market by translating their content into the language. It is considered to be the second most used language for businesses and official work because it is an official language of work in 27 countries around the globe.

According to research, people prefer online search and online purchases in their native language and in total, more than 4% of all the content present on the internet is in the French language. All this has increased the demand for English to French translation services.

But, it is not easy to translate your content into the French language. There are many challenges that are faced by the English-French translators while translating French to English or vice versa. Because of French and English have different linguistic roots; it is super hard to translate them. 7 common challenges include - 

  • As we all know that the English spoken in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom are different variations of the same language, similarly, French spoken in different countries around the planet are different, which makes it hard to translate.
  • If you compare a book which is in English as well as in French, you will notice that the French version have more number of pages in comparison to the English book. The reason behind this is that the French is a longer language. It usually has 15% to 20% more words in a sentence than in the English language.
  • The third challenge is the multiple cultural markers. The difference in food names, festivals, and things of everyday use and even formal and informal words to be used in certain scenarios is also no less than a challenge.
  • The two languages have completely different forms of grammar. The sentence construction, structure of a sentence, gender, adjectives, and verbs everything differs. A correct sentence in one language might not make any proper sense in another.
  • Another issue is the lexical-semantic differences. The difference also lies in the contextual synonyms, antonyms and other such terminology alternatives which lead to issues while translating either of the languages.
  • Next comes the pragmatic difference where the decision to use formal or informal language is hard to make.
  • The last challenge is that both languages have similar or the same word for different meanings. The word Avertissement sounds and looks like advertisement but the words doesn’t mean ads, as what it means in English, it means warning.

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