Best Countertops for your Outdoor Kitchen

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We are one of the largest wholesale distributors of quality Outdoor kitchen counter tops, natural stones such as granite, marble, slate, sandstones and more. For more info visit 225 Florence Blvd, Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

All About the Stone Countertops

Experts at GMS Werks have explained how you can find the outdoor kitchen countertops that will suit your house, budget, and cooking style Countertop makes your kitchen. It is one worksurface to prepare food, has casual family meals, maybe pay bills as well as help the Junior with their homework. Of all countertop materials you will buy, the stone is the gold standard for durability character. Each rock pulled from earth has got its own mineral color, speckles, and veining brought to life by the stoneworkers' saws as well as polishing wheels. Thus no matter whether you choose the solid burgundy quartzite, sky-blue granite, and beige travertine-embedded with the fossilized seashells, this can be very distinctive as the original artwork. As permanent. Unaffected by the hot pans and water, the stone countertop can last long—maybe longer. This needs just a bit of routine care as well as forethought that will ward off the watermarks, etching, and stains generally caused by the acidic foods. However, even though worst happens—chipped edge, red wine spill—the majority of the stones will be restored by the professional.

Granite Stone

Granite outdoor kitchen countertops are the standard for several years as it is the natural stone with huge durability. The granite is accessible in various light and dark colors with all types of flecks variations. One more unique feature of the granite is it will be cut with different edge choices, which include square, beveled, ogee, and a half or full bullnose. The granite countertops need little maintenance as well as are simple to take care, however, it is good to avoid any harsh cleaning products. So, getting the granite clean just need a bit of water and soap and some of the granites are porous than the others and need periodic sealing to prevent any kind of stains.

Granite is totally heat-resistant, thus you can feel free taking the pots straight from the oven place it on the granite counter. There is no trivet required! But, it is not very wise to cut straight on the granite; the stone is really hard, that it can dull the knives. There are a lot of benefits of selecting this kind of countertop. It is seamless, stain-resistant, and damage will be sanded out. But, it is very important to remember that the solid surfaces are not very heat-resistant, thus ensure that you have a lot of trivets on your hand.

Stones are Not Made Equal

Even darkest granites are not immune to the stains. The stone's resistance generally depends on the chemical makeup as well as microscopic fissures, which formed years ago. However, you do not have to be the geologist to decide if your counter can stand up over spilled vino. Perform the simple test.

  • Get the sample piece and rub it on the sealer.
  • Pour the test dollops of the ketchup, red wine, olive oil, as well as lemon juice and leave this overnight.
  • Wipe your surface clean in the morning and you will see how well this stands up to the untended spills.