That explains why, in the start of the match

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That explains why, in the start of the match

That explains why, in the start of the match, the player is asked to"select a style," but they could change their mind later and make their character seem as gendered or androgynous as they desire. But, there are marked differences between the Western variant and Japanese release.The Western release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons might be Animal Crossing Items celebrated for its innovative take on gender as well as the LGBTQ+ community, however the Japanese release has been criticized for its opposite.

As this Twitter user pointed out, when making their character, Japanese gamers are asked to decide whether they identify as a"boy" or"woman" instead of choosing a"style" Additionally, non-player characters that mention using a same-sex partner (including the beaver personality, C.J.) rather refer to them as a"friend" from the Japanese version. This will explain why, despite being the most innovative game in the Animal Crossing franchise in terms of sex and sexual orientation, Animal Crossing: New Horizons developers hid a sex slider the player isn't meant to see.

Its addition speaks to the cultural differences in LGBTQ + acceptance between the East and West though the sex slider has no perceivable effect on gameplay. Hopefully, future Animal Crossing games will demonstrate increased gender acceptance in both the Western and Japanese versions. Until then, regional differences and secret gender sliders in this way remind us of this battle to get the LGBTQ+ community to be approved on a worldwide scale.

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