Correct Use Of Performance Built Log Splitter

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It can guarantee the effective way of Petrol Log Splitter.

  Performance Built Log Splitter generally uses a motor to directly connect the crushing device. This connection method is simple and easy to maintain. However, if the two are not well connected during the assembly process, it will cause the overall vibration of the crusher.
1. The rotor of the motor and the rotor of the grinder are not concentric. You can move the position of the motor left or right, or add pads under the feet of the motor to adjust the concentricity of the two rotors.
2. The rotors of the grinder are not concentric. The reason is that the two supporting surfaces of the supporting palm rotor shaft are not in the same plane. You can pad the bottom surface of the supporting bearing seat with copper, or add an adjustable wedge iron at the bottom of the bearing. The shaft heads are concentric.

  1. Part of the crushing chamber vibrates greatly. The reason for the Performance Built Log Splitter is that the coupling and the rotor are not concentric or the quality of the flat hammer inside the rotor is uneven. The corresponding method can be adopted according to different types of couplings. For the connection between the shaft and the motor, when the quality of the hammers is uneven, each group of hammers must be re-selected to make the symmetrical hammers so that the error of the symmetrical hammers is less than 5.
    4. The original balance is destroyed. After the motor is repaired, a dynamic balance test must be done to ensure the overall balance of the horse.
  2. The hammer is broken or there are hard debris in the crushing chamber, which will cause the unbalance of the rotor rotation and cause the vibration of the whole machine. Therefore, it is necessary to check regularly for the severely worn hammer. When replacing, it should be replaced symmetrically. The abnormal sound during the operation of the crusher should be shut down immediately for inspection, and the cause should be found and dealt with in time. The anchor bolts of the crusher system are loose or the foundation is weak. Tighten the anchor bolts, and install a shock absorber between the foundation and the crusher to reduce vibration.
    6. The connection between the pulverizer system and other equipment is not consistent, such as improper connection of the feed pipe, the discharge pipe, etc., which will cause vibration and sound generation. Therefore, these connections are not suitable for hard connections and soft connections.

  Petrol Log Splitter has a good crushing effect for these waste scraps. When the Petrol Log Splitter crushes these scraps, it must be fed evenly to ensure uniform and rapid crushing, as well as correct maintenance and maintenance. It can guarantee the effective way of Petrol Log Splitter. In terms of production, Petrol Log Splitter effectively produces different types of equipment for materials in various situations, so everyone can come to the factory for on-site inspections and purchase.