Honest question for those people mad about this

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Yeah, it kind of baffles me that people are genuinely complaining about the price of games, they are far and away the best value amusement in existence. People pay $15-20 to go and watch a two hour movie without batting an eyelid but $70 for NBA 2K21 MT Coins possibly dozens if not hundreds of hours of amusement is unreasonable? In the event the ordinary game price $100 it'd still be really excellent value concerning hours of entertainment per dollar. Plus the fact that as you said matches have been $60 for well over 20 decades now, we've been due a price increase for the past couple of generations.

Beside it being NBA 2K filled with MT. There's was some posts concerning somethings gotta budge, sport development got more intense and larger but the cost of matches remained the same pretty much possibly up a tenner over time. Shorter games or cost more I think was the ending idea. But games filled with MT should be free or half the price or better yet just don't make them from a business stand point these matches are ideal for them unfortunately.Not justifying this particular selection but I feel as though it's worth noting new games have been $60 because SNES days that would be well over $100 adjusted for inflation. The fact that the prices haven't been increased by them nevertheless is somewhat baffling.

Do you think a reskin and roster upgrade are worth $70? Please do not purchase this, if enough people buy this that will tell other AAA programmers that it is okay to cost $70 for NBA 2K that is already loaded to the brim with microtransactions. Every sport nowadays should cost less because when you buy a brand-new game you're guaranteed bugs and updates. I don't know how they do not less. Looks like $69.99 is going to be the standard since people refuse to stop giving 2K money. I don't buy games at full price anymore so it doesn't impact me as much. It just means games will take longer to drop in cost.

Honest question for those people mad about this, if a $10 price increase is an issue why the fuck are you buying a new $400+ console at release? I simply don't understand the way the personalities 2K amplify outrage about anything. Two types of people out here. Individuals that will buy it and people who were not likely to anyway. Is this greedy? Yup. Can it matter? Nope. Tired of those threads every week.

As much as I don't wish to pay more, we need this. It's been almost 20 years since the final price increase. The cost to produce NBA 2K has quadruped and Buy MT NBA 2K21 inflation has taken its rise. The industry was afriad to raise the cost to take the jump will get ridiculed. I truly despise microtransactions, but let us be real they become more and more of a essential evil if game companies can't make the very same profits they used to without them.