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Can you even understand this information will EVE ISK? It's a vanilla link in the reddit post. Perhaps I put that form on google docs. You said yourself, you are not giving them anything important. Does not mean it is not sketchy. I did say it, so yeah, thanks for verifying I know exactly what I looked at. Doesn't indicate that the follow up emails don't dig for more information. That's why forms that are sketchy aren't filled in by you. Or click generic links. That is why banks and insurance companies, and companies never point you at a google doc form that is generic.

When has the past proper firm you listened with ever sent you to some generic, unbranded google type, literally hosted on google docs? Don't worry, I already know the answer. Never. You've never noticed that. You know why? I decided to incorporate my address, my bank information, and my social security number. Even though they did not request it. And yeah. Despite you pretending it does not, it does look sketchy. Jumping on this because I point out that it looks funny, when it does. It is as if you need to shield NetEase's honor or something? They pay you?

Good god lol, yup they compensated me to talk to a very paranoid person that uses the word"sketchy" A LOT. This link is in the official discord of EVE, posted through an admin. It has been verified by reddit mods to be real. Companies(large and small) utilize Google services all the time to simplify things, this is why Google exists. Fact is, this was set mod or by a discord admins to achieve the community for echoes. This is a very small testing, not the launching of Eve Echoes or some thing. Makes sense if you think about it.

Firstly I dont know if that was mentioned however, I looked but couldnt find anything. So I moved over account principles. We can and will share any of your own information. In the moment my nation is in the middle of a cyberwar with china. I couldnt locate any background on ding lei or that staying impartial. Being an eve online vet of I know some will say f off along with your own politics bro. I just wanna play with peace of mind. If its been addressed pls show me.

Eve Echoes doesn't have the choice to make an account in a sense. It connects an external login provider and your data, like Google or Facebook. This uses the system which means the app has to tell Google/Facebook/etc exactly what type of fastisk data the institution involvesyou approve the access, and Google/Facebook enforces that access limitation. The OAuth association is listed and unique in your Google/Facebook account page and may be redeemed later.