Items You Should Consider Donating

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Donating to charities is one of the best things an individual can do. Not only does it support your local community, but it can also go to a great cause or individual. If you've been thinking about donations or going through your items, you might be wondering what an acceptable contribution is. While this will vary from charity to charity, there are things that are accepted by most. In this article, we have gone through and researched what items are most accepted and widely approved by select charities, including Pickup Please.



You might be surprised to learn that non profit organizations really put clothing to good use. Not only can some clothing go directly to those in need, but these are also often the most straightforward items available for resale too. What a nonprofit will do with clothing is sell it to a consumer and then use the profits to further their cause. This could be to pay bills for their resale shop or give back directly to what mission they are trying to accomplish.


Small Appliances

Small appliances are a great way to declutter your home and give back to charity. Make sure that any item you are donating does work. You should also look for signs of breakage, wear and tear, and usability. Charities like Pickup Please will accept small appliances as long as they are working and can be picked up by one person.


Small Furniture

Smaller furniture, again lightweight so that one person can pick it up, is also accepted. You should look for usability again, making sure it is free of tears, stains, and damage. Generally, donating furniture that you would still use is a good rule of thumb.



Electronics can be an excellent item for charities. These usually net the highest profits, which is excellent for their causes. Electronics can include old gaming systems, stereos, DVD players, laptops, computers, printers, and much more. As long as the item is still usable and in decent condition, most charities will accept these options.



Most charities love getting toys. These are perfect for those in need and are quickly sold in resale shops. Toys can be anything from learning toys to entertainment, as long as they're in good working order and items aren't missing. If you currently have children and they have outgrown their toys, charities are more than happy to accept. This allows you to declutter their space while feeling good about giving back to kids in need.