Energy-Saving Decorative Lights, A Popular Method Of Decorating Houses

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From illuminating your home to remodeling your front yard, decorative lights are a popular way to illuminate any home during the holidays. For the average resident, this means that electricity bills could skyrocket during the holidays. Traditional string lights are also very hot. When deco

Types of energy-saving decorative lights

Energy-saving string lights are LEDs, which use only a fraction of the energy of traditional Christmas lights. The best outdoor LED Christmas lights are cool to the touch and can last for 40 holidays and consume 75% less energy than incandescent string lights.

LED string lights come in many different styles, including globe lights, net lights covering trees and shrubs, animation and color changing lights, and icicle lights (here are just some of the best outdoor LED Christmas lights).

Energy-saving LED Rope Light
The LED rope light consists of a series of small bulbs that are wrapped in a transparent PVC jacket-basically a long tube with a light inside. Rope lights are very flexible and are often wrapped in tree trunks or used to make holiday sculptures. Outdoor rope lights are made of thicker, less flexible PVC wrap, while indoor rope lights tend to have a more flexible but less durable casing.

How much power does a rope light consume?

LED rope lights consume about 1 watt per foot of lighting. In contrast, incandescent rope lights consume 3 watts per foot. LED rope lights also last longer, about four times the life of incandescent lights.

Energy-saving LED projector spotlight
Countless festive comedies solve the trouble of setting up outdoor Christmas lights, let's face it: keeping balance on a ladder in cold conditions is not a good time for everyone.

Project LED spotlights to various Halloween or Christmas scenes on the house. This way you can decorate large walls for a fraction of the time required to set up traditional lights, making them the best outdoor LED Christmas lights for people who want to start celebrating with minimal hassle.


Energy saving decorative light bulb type

In the past few decades, the types of energy-saving Christmas lights available have greatly increased, and the types of light bulbs used for decorative lighting have also greatly increased. The following bulbs have both incandescent and LED lights, and the LED option can significantly increase energy consumption.

G12 bulb. The G12 bulb is 0.47 inches in diameter and is known for its unique spherical shape. They are often used as energy-saving Christmas lights and as party lights for patios, small trees and bushes.

Miniature light bulb. Miniature light bulbs are what most people think of when they think of Christmas tree lights. Miniature LED lights, typically 0.19 inches in diameter, mimic the style of incandescent lights as well as diamond-cut, dot and frosted "icicles". Mini lights are usually used for outdoor network lighting.

Polka dot light bulb. The dot light bulb is a special (mini) energy-saving Christmas light. Its flat wide-angle bulb can produce more vivid colors.

G20 bulb. The G20 bulb is larger than its G12 cousin, 0.79 inches in diameter. Their larger size makes them popular as decorative wedding lights as well as lighting used in the same outdoor environment as G12 bulbs.

M5 classic bulb. M5 LED bulbs mimic the appearance of traditional incandescent Christmas tree lights. The M5 classic is about 0.8 inches in length and is also very popular for party decoration and indoor ambient lighting.
M6 bulb. Compared with traditional Christmas lights, M6 LED bulbs are used in the same way as M5 classic and other energy-saving light strings.

C6 vs. C7 vs. C9 lights
In addition to the aforementioned energy-saving Christmas lights, you can also choose from C6, C7 and C9 bulbs. C bulbs are often used to make string lights and vary in size and shape. Whether to use C7 and C9 lights depends on your preferences and how you plan to use them.

C6 bulb. The C6 bulb is a small strawberry-shaped light, about 0.75 inches wide and 1 inch high. C6 bulbs are commonly used for Christmas tree lights.
C7 bulb. C7 bulbs are slightly larger than C6 bulbs, with an average diameter of 1 inch and a height of 1.5 inches. Compared to the smaller C6 bulb, the C7 has a more rounded appearance.
C9 bulb. When determining between C7 and C9 lights, the main consideration is size. The C9 bulb is 1.25 inches wide and 2.5 inches high, making it a popular choice for outdoor lighting.

Energy saving tips for string lights, ropes and projector decoration
Use automatic timer. The energy-saving timer allows you to preset when the decorative lights are turned on and off. Considering the energy consumed by the remaining lights, the timer can save a lot of energy throughout the holidays. Control lights are also one of the most common uses for smart plugs.

Choose LED instead of incandescent. During the festival, LED lights will save you a lot of energy.
Bulb spacing. Wrap a small surface with a decorative light string? Choosing an LED string with more space between the bulbs can make packaging easier.

String length. Whether you choose a Halloween LED light or an energy-saving Christmas light, check the bulb spacing before buying. Bulb spacing affects the total length of the strings.

If you do not include a spare bulb, consider purchasing a spare bulb. Most energy-saving decorative light strings now use parallel circuits, which means that each bulb has a dedicated path to the battery. So if one bulb burns out, the rest will stay on. However, you may have a series of Christmas light strings. For aesthetic reasons, it is recommended to have some extra bulbs on hand to replace failed bulbs.

Try using an extension cable to extend the harness. Extension cords can be used to bridge light strings in areas that do not require lighting, or to connect lights to outlets without the need for additional wires.

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