The intense development of the new POE league next month is underway

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The POE team has completed two of the four league release plans this year. In the next month they plan to start the new league release plan. Players were very surprised by their ability to launch the third league of the year in September on time. Harvest’s development cycle is one week longer than before, so the game team has to compress the subsequent league development cycle. Thanks to the magical mechanism of the current Harvest League, players have received generous POE Currency rewards which are also preparing for the future.

Everyone knows that the standard development cycle of a league is thirteen weeks. Throughout the year, they release a new league every quarter. The sudden COVID-19 this year disrupted the work plans of many game development teams, which caused the POE team to postpone for a while. The impact of this has not only lengthened Harvest’s development cycle but also prevented POE 2 Beta from being released this year. The biggest problem facing developers right now is how to deal with the December league. Because Christmas is in December, many developers spend Christmas with their families. If the game encounters any technical problems, there may only be few developers to deal with it.

To avoid this problem as much as possible, the development team launched the September 3.12 extension only twelve weeks after the launch of Harvest. The content of the new league in September is much larger than Harvest, so they must start the expansion plan. If all goes well, the new league in December will be released as scheduled and developers will get more time to accompany their families.

There is only almost one month left before the release of the new league. Players must not only earnestly use Harvest’s mechanism to earn POE Orbs and POE Items for themselves, but also always pay attention to various information about the new league. Those players who don’t work hard now can only Buy POE Chaos Orb to maintain their game activities. Go ahead!