Oxygen absorber pouch

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Oxygen Absorber - Desiccants To Oxygen Absorbents - CILICANT

CILICANT oxygen absorber increases the shelf Life of products through offering effective protection against the oxidation. Oxygen Absorber for Food and Pharma pre-cut pouches or packets are available.

          Oxygen Absorbers


The CILICANT active packaging encompasses all those types of packaging solutions that help to extend the lifespan or shelf life of products. Some of these products are described below: Desiccant Pouch


Food products like meat, etc. that are vulnerable and fade soon employ

CILICANT active packaging solutions. By using CILICANT active packaging solutions, the colour of the food item doesn’t change and the shelf life of product increases. This leads to a scope to increase the distribution time, customer appeal and thereby increase in business. CILICANT active packaging solutions are desiccants which remove the moisture in such a way that the optimal relative humidity for a specific product is maintained. Some products are protected by injecting a gas into the packaging like carbon dioxide or nitrogen along with a desiccant. This effectively preserves the product inside.

CILICANT molecular sieve is another product that removes moisture. It has a 3D structure and traps water vapour more aggressively than silica gel.

To protect sensitive products like baked snacks, cheese, sliced deli meat, etc.

 CILICANT oxygen absorbing adhesives are very effective. It is a sticky card with absorbent material that can be easily pasted on the package of a product.


For protecting products like vitamins and supplements in glass and HDPE bottles, medical devices, CILICANT oxygen absorbing canister is perfect. It is placed inside the package to offer protection to the product from deterioration due to oxygen. Oxygen Absorbers


CILICANT oxygen absorbing bottle closures have a desiccant in the cap of the bottle. This is generally used in diagnostic kits and medicines.


CILICANT oxygen absorbing cards are a card with have an absorbent material in it. These cards are added into the packaging and are excellent in protecting snacks, baked goods, moist meat, etc. from oxygen.


CILICANT oxygen absorbing film is used where a visible element like a oxygen pack is needed to be avoided for better appearance. Such oxygen absorbing films are ideal for bag-in-box, retort, lid stock, pouches and flow wrap packaging.


CILICANT oxygen absorbing packets are widely used in pharmaceutical and food packaging. They are small bags of absorbent material that are placed in a product’s package.


CILICANT Aerobic pack: Certain products like fishes are packed in a way that oxygen is intentionally left present. The entire oxygen if removed, can lead to formation of harmful bacteria. CILICANT aerobic sealed system retains right levels of oxygen that keep contents fresh for the duration intended.


CILICANT anaerobic package system: This package system is the one where all oxygen is removed. This CILICANT anaerobic package system used mostly for the food applications where oxygen is responsible for degrading the quality of the contents and it has to be completely absent.


CILICANT barrier system: As the name suggests, this system forms a barrier that blocks all the things causing degradation of contents; like water vapour, gases, etc. Thus these harmful components cannot enter the package, keeping the contents safe.


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