Coking Equipment Can Not Be Separated From Stainless Steel Composite Panel

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Stainless Steel Composite Panel is a composite panel made of carbon steel base and stainless steel cladding.


Stainless Steel Composite Panel is a composite panel made of carbon steel base and stainless steel cladding. Its main feature is that carbon steel and stainless steel form a firm metallurgical bond. It can be processed by hot pressing, cold bending, cutting, etc., and has good technological performance. Today, we will introduce the market field of stainless steel composite panel.

Nowadays, coal coking, coal gasification, synthetic ammonia and chemical fertilizer have become the dominant coal chemical industry in China, and they are developing continuously and rapidly. There is a contradiction between the growth of oil consumption and the supply and demand of oil in our country, and the enterprises engaged in the production of coking products, such as methanol to olefins and coal to oil, have also mushroomed rapidly.

For the coal coking industry, the service life of the equipment will be greatly reduced because the pipeline and equipment are exposed to high temperature and corrosive environment for a long time. Therefore, improving the anti-corrosion ability of equipment, prolonging the service life of equipment and reducing the production cost of enterprises are important means to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Stainless steel composite panel is a kind of metal composite material whose outer layer is pure stainless steel and inner layer is carbon steel. The appearance of stainless steel composite panel provides material guarantee for the manufacture and upgrading of coking equipment.

Generally speaking, stainless steel composite panel has great potential in the manufacturing, upgrading and transformation of coking equipment, which is the only choice to prolong the service life of equipment, improve the production efficiency of equipment and reduce the operating cost.

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