Chipper Shredder Rust Solution

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Rust on the Rapid Splitter will cause blade dullness and reduce work efficiency.

Rust on the Rapid Splitter will cause blade dullness and reduce work efficiency. This situation will become more and more serious if it is not maintained. How to prevent the Rapid Splitter from rusting has attracted the attention of many users. Let us solve this problem together.
   The working environment and placement environment of Rapid Splitter have become the focus of attention, and then you can look for the problem that everyone cares about rust. After all, the rust condition affects the quality of the Rapid Splitter equipment. The reason for the rust formation of the Rapid Splitter may be due to production, production costs and waste generation, which caused huge damage to maintenance costs, early exchange equipment, and even personal hazards. The grinding value is also very high. Therefore, how to prevent the Rapid Splitter from removing rust and what about the future rust removal and rust prevention is a very urgent problem.
   Chipper Shredder rust prevention means that when the Chipper Shredder is pulled out of the storage, the paint is checked and repaired as required. Equipped with a mill, the preservative should meet the requirements of all contacts in the list. If the flywheel is to be removed from the eccentric shaft, the contact between the shafts should be guaranteed to be coated with anti-corrosion agent. During factory storage time or seasonal downtime, the grinder and disassembled components should be stored on a solid support to prevent contact with land. Chipper Shredder must operate Chipper Shredder for at least five minutes every month to ensure the stability of the bearing. If the circuit breaker cannot be operated, then during the storage process, manually turn the Chipper Shredder flywheel 3 to 4 times to ensure the accuracy and smoothness of the bearing. If necessary, add smooth bearing grease to use.
  We know that rust not only affects the normal use of Chipper Shredder, but even repairs will also incur maintenance costs. Therefore, we can improve the occurrence of this situation by applying preservatives and perform timely maintenance during use. Do some maintenance after use. Clean the blade and the body. The oil should be added and the protection should be protected. It can be used normally when it is used again.