How to Feminize Marijuana Seeds: 3 Best Ways

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Want to grow your feminized seeds? Then you must buy seed feminizer spray. To know about male and female plants and the methods to feminize the plant, read this blog here.

Growing marijuana can be fun especially when one uses feminized marijuana seeds because this means they won’t have to worry about dealing with males when harvest season comes. 

Feminized hemp seeds grow into plants. Plants, like all living things, must reproduce. They do this either asexually (single-celled organisms) or sexually. By transforming the plant into a female you can easily grow feminized marijuana seeds

Now, most of you think that, how to feminize seeds?”

Before knowing this let’s first consider some information about “Male and Female Cannabis Plants”

When it comes to explaining the gender of plants, many cannabis growers are unable to identify. It is a common problem but for getting the best benefits understanding the difference between male and female cannabis plants requires one to know the hereditary functions of both. 

Male Plant

The male cannabis plants appear tall, thin, and only have a few leaves branches. Due to tall and thin appearance, many male plants look unhealthy. They have round balls, have low THC levels, and are unable to produce flowers. But the male cannabis plants have higher potency and are only needed by those growers who want to produce their seeds. 


Female Plant

Female plants are opposite to the male plant. These plants appear healthier and have several branches. Female plants are thin, longer as well as grow in width, too. It can also be distinguished by their nodes which look tiny balls with a bunch of little hairs growing out of them. They produce flowers with a higher amount of THC. Moreover, the female plant can grow 95% more feminized seeds as compared to a male plant. 


Alternative Methods to Produce Feminized Seeds

Growing a crop from feminized marijuana seeds is saving up space and ensuring a mostly-female harvest. For indoor and outdoor growers, who want to grow their seeds, planting feminized seeds is considered as a perfect option. 


3 Methods to Produce Feminized Seeds are


  1. The Colloidal Silver Feminized Seeds Spray Method

The first effective method to grow female cannabis seeds is by using the seed feminizer spray. It is made of Colloidal silver, a substance made from microscopic particles of silver, which are suspended in a liquid. There are online stores from where you can easily buy the bottled spray of it. You just simply spray it on the male plant and it dominates the male hormones and produces female seeds. This technique is reliant and yields female seeds in huge numbers.

Tips to use:

  • You just simply spray it male plant on the branches one or two times in a day. And continue spraying it until you start seeing the first male flowers.
  • Use it in effect so that they produce more pollen or create a temperature to pollinate other female flowers.


  1. Feminizing With Gibberellic Acid

Another one of the best ways to grow female seeds is with the help of Gibberellic acid. Gibberellic acid can also be bought in stores, and it’s mostly available in powder form. It is not very expensive. To make the spray, simply mix the powder with water and spray that water/acid mix on the plant once a day. After that, a male plant transforms on other healthy female plants.


  1. Feminizing with the Rodelization Method

This is considered as a natural and simple method of growing feminized seeds. But sometimes this method has the least guarantee than the above two methods. Rodelization entails not harvesting flowers after they’ve bloomed, but rather forcing the plant to turn male, to preserve itself. After the plant has flowered, you just leave it for weeks to get decent pollen seeds. This method is very long and takes a lot of time then feminized spray and Gibberellic acid methods.