The Most Underrated Baby Shower Gift

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The day has finally come, your childhood BFF is having a baby!

The day has finally come, your childhood BFF is having a baby! The two of you have followed along each other’s journeys so closely that, whenever one of you reach another incredible milestone in your lives, you can’t help but spill over with joy and excitement. You helped plan the wedding. You were present during the pregnancy announcement. Next came the baby shower invitation and, before you knew it, the baby shower was a mere couple of days away! (Information credit:

Regardless of how many baby showers you’ve attended, there have been no gifts worthy enough to give to your BFF and her partner. If you’re on the hunt for some of the best baby shower gifts you’ve ever heard of, you’re in luck. The gift you purchase for your soon-to-be mommy BFF needs to make a statement, it needs to be unique and show that you’ve put great thought into the gift.

Now, the first decision you need to make is whether you want the gift to be for the baby or for the soon-to-be parents. While some opt for purchasing a gift for the parents, in order to be unique, this is actually the worst thing you can do. Yes, a spa treatment or getaway might sound like a great idea, but with a baby on the way, these newbie parents will have their hands full! The last thing on their minds will be to spoil themselves. Therefore, it is recommended that, when considering the different baby shower gifts, always purchase something for the baby.

Now that you know who to purchase for, you have another decision to tackle – what do you get the little one? Do you buy baby necessities, like diapers or dummies, or do you purchase clothing? If you want your gift to be unique, as well as bring on a few “I can’t wait to be a mom” tears, then clothing is definitely the way to go. You will also be helping your BFF and her partner out far more than you realize.

While all babies are different, they grow at alarmingly fast rates. Parents are constantly having to purchase new clothing for their babies, especially new shoes. Out of all the baby shower gifts you could opt for; baby shoes are the ultimate gift. Not only will you have everyone swooning over the adorable, tiny baby shoes, but you will also be giving a gift to your BFF that she can hold onto forever. A baby’s first pair of shoes is something many parents like to hold onto as a keepsake that they can show their children one day when they grow up. Some baby shoe stores even have a “my first pair of shoes” box that you can keep the shoes in.

At the end of the day, the baby shower gift you purchase needs to reflect the parents or your relationship with them. As a BFF, you’ll want your gift to help these newbie parents out as much as possible. In future, instead of them having to purchase a variety of baby shoes, they can use the one’s you gifted them.