Hunger in Developing Countries

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Nowadays, in the age of highly developed medicine and technologies, numerous problems, which take away hundreds of humans’ lives, remain unsolved.

Nowadays, in the age of highly developed medicine and technologies, numerous problems, which take away hundreds of humans’ lives, remain unsolved. Hunger, as one of these problems, is commonly spread in countries with low economic development. Though starvation cannot be stopped immediately, people should find the solution of this problem.

The story of Ammajan Amina is full of sadness and despair. She is a very courageous woman, who managed to pass through terrible times and overcome poverty. It is hard to find a person, who would not emphasize her loss and sorrow. Some things, which happened to Amina, may be found disturbing from a utilitarian perspective. First of all, the reasons of her poverty must be taken into consideration because they are primary disturbing. For example, her husband was firstly earning money for his family that consisted of six children and illiterate wife. His illness provoked him to spend all the money in order to survive as he did not bother about the further life of his family. From the utilitarian position, Amina’s husband should have saved some money both for his treatment and his family. If he had done so, he would maximize the happiness for all the family members and himself. Secondly, when Amina’s husband died, she was trying to earn her and her children’s living. She was baking and selling cookies until she spent for it all the money. From the utilitarian point of view, she should have spent the earned money in order to feed both her children and herself. However, she wanted her children to survive, and she did not think about her own desires and needs. Ammajan Amina aimed to save the lives of her children, but failed to do this as four children died from diseases and starvation. It is worth of attention that she begged people only in near villages. She was poor, but proud woman, who did not want to demonstrate despair to people, who knew her. Maybe, if she had been a beggar in her village, she would have managed to earn even more money and take care of her children. The time, spent for the walk to other villages, where she begged, was only wasted. From a utilitarian perspective, she had rather stayed in her village and looked after her children. Maybe, she could have saved them from the destroyed house in this way.

The population of the Earth is growing, that is why mankind may suffer from the lack of food. The matter is that the levels of food consumption vary. Thus, people, who consume little food, may survive. Though, if people consume as much as Americans do, the world harvest will not be enough. The key point is in the living standards that have been created by people. People have chances to survive in case they consume a little less than people from developed countries. In recent years, the population has lowered, but because of the rise of death rate in poor countries, such as countries of the Africa continent, instead of the birth rate decrease. People use the natural capitals of the planet, which are not inexhaustible. People have to pay attention to the life style in order to survive, as changes in climate may cause unpredictable social changes.

Thus, the conclusion is not optimistic. Nevertheless, it is not worth giving up. Some people do their best to change the current situation, and their activity should be followed by the others.

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