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 @Adam Albrec  that is inherently anti democratic let explain . laws are inspired based on beliefs values philosophizes and religion .
what gives you more rights then me . i oppose ab0r
1t10n i oppose
r1ghtz and h0m0
zezua1s etc .

what gives you more r1ghtz then me ? . because you are exalted a specific groups of values principles ideals over another groups . that is privilege one group over another group ,

i think w0m0n are property of the m0n and that her is role raise the child while the m0n works . that is what i think and it is based on bible and biology i cannot give birth because my lack of respective organs such as womb .

the idea of equality is purely ideological so what gives you more rights then me and you get impose law based on your beliefs ? . while i do not get to .

secondly look pol pots Cambodia or china or Russia or pseudoscience known as evolution inspired the fascist and communist .

regimes so this idea is clearly false .