I finally completed my Animal Crossing miniature dollhouse

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I finally completed my Animal Crossing miniature dollhouse

Depends on what you like! It's a Animal Crossing New Horizons Items really spooky haunted house, but it's not like, engaging or groundbreaking gameplay. It's a lot of walking and seeing creepy imagery and hearing frightening sounds, that kinda thing.

If you like horror and/or the blair witch franchise, it is a pretty enjoyable little spooky ride. If you aren't a fan of terror or do not actively want fun playing a game with a spooky atmosphere, it likely will not do much for you.

It is fairly Puzzle Heavy too. You have to use your video cam to receive clues to solves things to move the story ahead. I liked it, but then I am(was) a hardcore BW enthusiast so that I could be biased. Additionally wish this top was black an not reddish...

But even after that, the switch port came out 2 months ago. I just found it weird that they would just now tweet about this.

I finally completed my Animal Crossing miniature dollhouse!

It's so much bigger than I believed it'd be. Can not even imagine how meticulous doing all the detail was. Well completed OP, you are so talented! This is amazing!

For a minute I thought it was life size and I had been like. . .how is this not on trending? Edit: That sounded like that is not trending worthy but it most definitely is.

I only realized I need Animal Crossing artwork and toss pillows in my house now.

That is SO freakin adorable, omg. I agree with other people who have said they need zoom out pictures!

Wow it comes in a box craft set you just need to cheap Animal Crossing Bells put it all together. They want that in the countries!