It was formally declared about RuneScape

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Remember that the RS gold construction contracts was only polled a few weeks leading up to its launch, yet they got it completed and published in under a month. Meanwhile we still have content declared years ago that only keep getting delayed. To be fair and please don't mistaken this remark as me defending Jagex's flaws in any fashion, the development resources and time for OSRS content is a lot more economical and simpler to manage than the dev resources and time required for RS3.

Now that having been said, it will not function as an excuse to the RS3 Dev team! Especially considering they're making enough profits through MTX and are well equipped to produce content on a balanced foundation. My biggest problem is that the actual game material keeps getting delayed, but do you think they ever postpone MTX promos? Not a Opportunity.

Why I do not give them a justification for it. If they are able to set up a live ops team that's devoted to creating MTX related content and delivering stated content within a time, why can't they upscale their center content team to deliver the exact same level of content whilst retaining it inside the ETAs they mention to us.

It was formally declared about RuneScape

If they are in a position to setup a live ops team that is dedicated to generating MTX related content and delivering stated content in a time, why can not they upscale their center content team to supply the same level of content whilst retaining it within the ETAs they cite to us.

You know why: cash. The simple fact of the matter is, major content updates require a shitload of work and typically don't create a whole lot of cash. Comparatively, a little event with buyable currency doesn't require much work and brings in a shitload of cash.

Let us say it took a team of 10 (devs+artwork +QA+PM) about a month to create it (I can't imagine it taking much greater than this ). It costs about $40 in bonds to purchase all of the makeup, and that is not including leveling the artisan up, IDK how mathematics works out but skimming the numbers it'd probably be at least double that, so let's say $80. That means only ~1000 players will need to cover this event for it to be rewarding, and that is not even including the whales who'll purchase everything and a dozen of buy OSRS gold all those consumables, or the many more who will set a few bonds to it but maybe not go all-in.