Majority of kids who die of coronavirus are Hispanic, Black, or Native American, CDC finds

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As students across the country return to classrooms, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found the majority of children, teens and young adults who die from COVID-19 are Hispanic, Black or Native American.

You Demon-Rats keep them in the ghettos where they live clustered together, prime conditions where contagious diseases spread.

You keep them uneducated, and fatherless! Promise them welfare, healthcare and all that free stuff. When you Demon-Rats can't deliver on all your promises, you blame the Republicans!!!!

Just after the Civil War of which You Demon-Rats started because you didn't want to give up your slaves!!!!

A terrible price had to be paid, in a tragic, calamitous civil war, before this new democracy could be rid of that most undemocratic institution. But for black Americans the end of slavery was just the beginning of our quest for democratic equality; another century would pass before the nation came fully to embrace that goal. Even now millions of Americans recognizably of African descent languish in societal backwaters. What does this say about our civic culture as we enter a new century?

In the Ghettos, the source of Democratic votes; crime, drug addiction, family breakdown, unemployment, poor school performance, welfare dependency, and general decay in these communities constitute a blight on our society. black ghetto dwellers are a people apart, susceptible to stereotyping, stigmatized for their cultural styles, isolated socially, experiencing an internalized sense of helplessness and despair, with limited access to communal networks of mutual assistance. Their purported criminality, sexual profligacy, and intellectual inadequacy are the frequent objects of public derision. In a word, they suffer a pariah status. It should not require enormous powers of perception to see how this degradation relates to the shameful history of black-white race relations in this country.

And from history, we see the Klu Klux Klan, a Demon-Rat organization, and now Demon-Rat run ghettos!