Or a fantastic smithing purpose for making weapons and armour

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Or a fantastic smithing purpose for making weapons and armour

There are a library and small museum in the walls of Burthorpe, for it's the capital, it requires learning facilities and then nearby there are RS gold a school for the kids to go to. Another problem with Burthorpe is the simple fact that the only lender in Burthorpe (I'm not including the Warriors Guild included in Burthorpe) that is from the Thieves den, not great for a Capital town, eh? There could be two banks, North and South. Now, as for city attractions, what could there be?

Or a fantastic smithing purpose for making weapons and armour? A couple good, specialist shops are great too. I will leave this for you to choose. Thank you for reading! Just needed to vent: So I had a Slayer mission for Turoth, also got TWO hints. The very first one had about 8 stops, incluing two Wildy coord clues + the seriously annoying emote clue where you need to remove all equipped items in a place where witches and leeches continuously attack, then get attacked by a double agent... for which I got 2 rune c-bows, 41 Nature runes, along with 14 purple firelighters, whoop-te-doo.

The second... grrr. First two clues were also maps, not so bad. Third clue, coordinates in the Demonic Ruins + Zamorak mage assault, where of course I got assaulted by a revenant and hardly escaped. Fourth clue, talk to the monk at the Duel Arena, who gave me a mystery box. I really kind of like mystery boxes, though they're time consuming... so anyhow I complete the puzzle box, and obtained another coord clue. Coords appear to need me to go into the middle of the arena... what the heck??? Am I reading it wrong?

So I go look up the sign on TipIt, and sure enough it requires really challenging someone in order to enter the stadium"barrier" place, and digging in a specific place in the corner of the wall. ARGH!!! This is especially bothersome in my case as I never do PVP, and haven't a clue how I would go about doing this. It is SERIOUSLY bothersome to get to simply stop at this time. It took me a while to get to actually posting this. This theory, I think, explains a lot about the Vampyres.

From what I can recall, it is said that humans are changed into vampyres. But maybe not vampires. And let us look at what happens if you use a Guthix Balance potion on a Vampyre Juvinate: It turns into a massive, mad form that appears much more like regular vampire than a vampyre. Or it becomes a human. Or it expires. What exactly the Balance potion does is destroy both of the halves. Now, I think vampyres can be created from both vampires and humans. This, I Believe, is the process for each:

It takes a nap in the forests. Since it sleeps, its cells begin to completely absorb the blood, DNA and all. This hybridization starts the metamorphosis of the vampire into a vampyre juvinile. This provides it heightened intelligence and new abilities, as well as a more human look. As it grows more powerful and beverages more human blood, it again morphs to buy rs gold paypal a Juvinate, then into a Vyrewatch, and any stages afterwords or in between.