What are the Common Factors that Affects Car Battery Life?

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A car battery is one of the essential components of your vehicle. And as per automobile experts, a high-quality battery could last up to 5 years with proper maintenance.

When it comes to the maintenance of a car battery, most people forget this concern or might be thinking that it doesn’t require maintenance. But it’s not true, like your health, it’s essential to keep your battery healthy.

Now, most of the people think that we take care of our car battery properly, then why it won’t jump start? Or the car battery is not charging at all?

Generally, all these symptoms of car battery damaged. It is good that you proper care of your car battery, but after a lifespan, your car battery started to damage and there is the only solution called Car Battery Replacement in Sydney. Nowadays, car battery replacement is easy, whether you’re in the city or out of the station. Roadside assistance is always here for your help.

Let’s know some other common factors that affect battery life:

  1. Car Battery Is Too Small:-

The first common factor that mostly affects the life of the battery is its size. Sometimes to save a few costs, most of the people buy the low-cost battery within too small or little big sizes without considering the model of their vehicle. But it is not a virtue for the car as well because if you buy small batteries, then it comes with small specifications such as input/output voltage, amperage, etc. Moreover, it will result in a shorter life span.

Note* If you’re wondering about which car battery is best for replacement, then consult with your car dealer.

2. Alternator Diodes:- 

The alternator diodes in car batteries play an essential role. If all alternator diodes are faulty, they will not perform well. It will result in discharging the car battery because the current will flow in the opposite direction. Moreover, the battery will be drained and lose the performance day by day.

3. Unconditional Temperature:-

Temperature is another essential factor that badly affects the health of the battery. Mainly all car batteries have a cold cranking amp that enables drives to start the vehicle in cold weather conditions. If the cold cranking amp displays a low rating and you face trouble to start the car in winters, then it means your car battery needs replacement.

Another side, if the car battery gets extremely hot, then there is a possibility of damage to the internal structure of the car battery. It is because, during the hot temperature, the fluid inside the cell evaporates faster.

4. Build of Corrosion and Dirt:-

Another common reason for car battery damage is a build-up of Greece, dirt, and corrosion on its terminals. It will lessen the current flow when charging. If the battery is not charging, it results in draining and battery failure suddenly.

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