Write down the steps for the first time HP Officejet pro 4630 Printer Setup?

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If you are setting the printer unexpectedly, at that point remove all the pressing materials. Associate the power cable, set your preferences, introduce the ink cartridges, load the paper plate, and make settings to adjust the cartridges.

Easy Guidelines About How to Resolve 123 HP Com Setup 6978:

  • Remove the printer from the case and eradicate all the pressing materials including tapes, stickers, and cardboard.
  • Ensure you eradicate all the materials that are redundant and reuse the things that are utilized for pressing the printer and different extras required by the printer.
  • Interface one finish of the printer to the power line and opposite end to an electrical outlet.
  • Set your preferences like nation, locale, date, and time in the control board settings and affirm your settings. To know more about 123 hp com envy 5540.
  • Before introducing the ink cartridges you need to introduce the SETUP ink cartridges that came in the container with your printer.
  • Open the cartridge entryway to remove the pressing material from the cartridge.
  • Check whether you have taken out the orange power tab and wrap it totally before removing the orange cap. An ink may spill from the ink cartridge on the off chance that you didn't do this appropriately.
  • Turn the ink cartridge so the ink cartridge contacts face descending, and afterward coordinate the name tone with the shading spot on the carriage and slide it into its space and press the ink cartridge.
  • Load the paper into the information plate by pulling the information plate and lifting the yield plate.
  • Slide the paper width manual for its peripheral position and spot the papers on the plate.
  • Push the information plate forward until it fits properly and bring down the yield plate.
  • Introduce the printer programming by either downloading from123.hp.com/ojpro4630or utilizing the CD that accompanies the printer.

HP Officejet Pro 4630Wireless setup network:

Before setting up a wireless association, ensure that the printer isn't associated with the organization utilizing an Ethernet link. Set up the wireless network organization to work appropriately. Associate the PC and printer on a similar organization. If you are provoked to enter the wireless network name (SSID) and the Password to associate with the organization.

  • Snap or swipe down the tab to open the dashboard to contact the remote symbol and snap settings. At that point click Wireless Settings.
  • Snap Wireless Setup Wizard or Wi-Fi Protected arrangement and adhere to the on-screen directions to finish the arrangement.

HP Officejet Pro 4630Changing connection type

  • To change from Ethernet association with a wireless network, remove the Ethernet link from the printer and run the remote Setup Wizard to make the wireless association.
  • To transform from a USB association with a wireless organization open the HP printer programming and snap Tools à Device Setup Software and convert a USB associated printer to remote and adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • To transform from a USB or Ethernet association with a wireless correspondence (OS X), interface your printer to the remote organization. Change the product association with wireless for this printer utilizing 123 hp com/ojpro6230.
  • To transform from a wireless association with a USB or Ethernet association, interface with the USB or Ethernet link to the printer.

HP Officejet Pro 4630Changing network settings

  • You can set up and deal with your printer's wireless association and play out an assortment of organization the board tasks including seeing and changing organization settings, reestablishing network defaults, and turning the wireless capacity on or off utilizing the control board.
  • To print network settings, snap or swipe down the tab to open the dashboard to click on the wireless symbol and snap settings. To know more about HP officejet pro 4630 wireless setup.At that point click Wireless Settings to show the organization status screen and snap print network design page.


If you face any issue regarding the setup of the hp printer, feel free to contact hp customer support.