Hired hit-men

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Doesn't look like the same person!! Could the Demon-Rats have themselves a Patsy, or maybe hired hit-men? Could these shootings be a setup to make President Trump look bad?

Could the Demon-Rats be that evil to be responsible for the murder of many Americans, to take over our government?

Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest!!!

Chief Allen said 
"Police had reports that there were shootings at various locations within the mall and initially said they had detained three suspects, but Gomez later clarified that just one person had been arrested."

But yet an eyewitness said she saw 3 or 4 shooters firing their guns coming through the front door of the store while she and her daughter were waiting at the check out. 


Escobar said

"The government should instruct federal agencies and law enforcement to draft a national plan to deal with white supremacy and domestic terrorism for what it is, a national crisis," she added, urging all Americans to support legislation and funding that will deal with the gun violence epidemic as well as the "hate epidemic that is plaguing our country."

Why call them "White Supremacist"?

Is it because Veronica Escobar is the racist?



They don't look like the same person!