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Fildena tablet is a medicine that is widely used and widely used.

What is the Fildena tablet ??

Fildena tablet is a medicine that is widely used and widely used. The tablet is manufactured by a well-known pharmaceutical company called Pharmanicus. fildena tablet use is used to treat erectile dysfunction of men. Women and children under the age of 18 cannot take this medicine. This tablet is for men who are fighting against the predictions of achieving the desired erection. This medicine is a wonderful medicine for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, which helps in overcoming the difficulty of their erection. fildena tablet helps men to achieve or maintain a proper and stiff erection for a long time The main active ingredient of fildena tablet is sildenafil site.

How to Use Fildena tablet ??

This tablet should be taken 1 hour before sexual intercourse and if the patient wants to take fildena tablet, he can take this medicine at any time. But you should take this medicine 30 minutes to 4 hours before sexual intercourse with your partner. These medicine should be taken once in 24 hours. You can take fildena tablet on an empty stomach and if you take this tablet, do not take more fat.

What is the Dosage Fildena tablet ??

fildena 200mg is the maximum dose in fildena tablets but it is up to the doctor to decide if the patient should take it. fildena 25mg is the minimum dose of fildena tablet. Most often the doctor instructs the patient to take Fildena 100mg and 50mg. The dose of fildena is determined by the doctor according to the patient's endurance.

Fildena tablet Side Effect

Taking too much medicine is dangerous to health and taking too much fildena has side effects and how many side effects of fildena tablet :

  • A person may have the problem of a headache
  • Back pain can be the problem for the person who is taking fildena tablet
  • Having problems related to visibility can be a problem
  • Having low visibility can be a problem for the person
  • Nausea and rashes can be the problem for the person
  • Some of the other side effects or the fildena are myalgia, dizziness, flushing, nasal congestion, dyspepsia and other.

Fildena Tablet Precautionn and Warnings

If you are taking Fildena, do not consume alcohol and do not do any activity like driving as it causes drowsiness. People above 60 years should not use this medicine. Women and children should not take this medicine. Patients with low blood pressure and kidney disease should be careful while taking Fildena. The patient should take certain precautions before taking fildena tablet, as it has a hypothetical effect. This tablet has a serious negative effect on the cardiovascular system. Patients with serious illnesses such as high blood pressure and heart attack should take this medicine only in small doses. Properly discuss your medical conditions with your doctor and then take this medication. This drug can only be used by men. Women should not watch this drug PV as it may show unusual effects.

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