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Jabalpur News in Hindi in Jabalpur, located in the center of India, is read with great interest, our effort through Jabalpur Samachar is that we can share the news related to Jabalpur's weather, crime, politics, sports and entertainment through Jabalpur News The objective of News24Gh

Jabalpur News | Leopard News | Tiger attacked, leopard panic in Jabalpur | News24Ghante.com

Nagpur / Jabalpur. From Nagpur in Maharashtra to Jabalpur city of Madhya Pradesh, the king of the jungle these days is in panic areas.

Tiger attacked

A tiger injured the villager at Tumsar in Bhandra district near Napgur. It is said that last day Tiger entered the village, after which panic spread throughout the village news received by jabalpur news. The tiger entered the fields, trying to capture the tiger by the villagers first, while in the meantime the tiger captured a young man, injured him and ran away news received by jabalpur news.


The forest department has put cages near the forest and village after information news received by jabalpur news. All the three villagers injured in the tiger attack have been admitted to Bhandara District Hospital. The condition of one of them remains critical news received by jabalpur news.

Leopard panic in Jabalpur-

On the other hand, there is a leopard's knock on the hill of Bargi-Hills, Nayagaon in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Last day, he took the leopard goat from the forest post here news received by jabalpur news. Although the forest department has put six cages on the hill to get rid of the leopard panic in the area, but no success has been achieved news received by jabalpur news.

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