Bhopal Samachar | Run-way not shown in fog !! … A plane crash in the field, a pilot, a trainee. |

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Bhopal Samachar in Hindi is read very interestingly in Bhopal located in the middle of India, our endeavor through Bhopal news is that we can share the news related to Bhopal's weather, crime, politics, sports and entertainment through bhopal news The objective of is

Bhopal Samachar | Run-way not shown in fog !! … A plane crash in the field, a pilot, a trainee. |

Bhopal. The deterioration of weather is affecting the road, rail as well as airways. The dense fog caused an accident at Dhana Aviation, located in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, in which the trainee along with a pilot died News received by bhopal samachar.

News received by bhopal samachar

According to the information, the accident occurred at night when the plane did not show the runway due to aviation plane fog rising, causing the aircraft to fall into the field about 80-100 meters away News received by bhopal samachar. Pilot Ashok Makwana and Trainee Piyush Chandel died in this accident, both of whom were from Mumbai News received by bhopal samachar. Trainee Plain Cessna took off from Dhana at around 8.35 pm. During the landing half an hour later, the pilot did not see the runway due to fog.

10 years ago, the plane fell in Bargi Dam-

It is known that about 10 years ago, the plane of this aviation crashed at Bargi Dam in Jabalpur, in which a trainee pilot was killed News received by bhopal samachar.

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