Blocked tube opening tutorial

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We all know the warning signs about clogging and sewer problems, the way the sink sinks or the water spins and falls from your legs in the bathroom, and the smells, pungent and unpleasant odors are all signs that you may soon be clogged. You will encounter sewage and one day you will see t

1. Long and curved wire (spring) to open the sewer pipe:
Very simple, but strangely useful, take a metal clothespin to which you hang the suit and smooth the curvature well, then bend one side at the end in the form of a small hook. Send it into the water and think you are fishing, try to get rid of all the hair and grease and dirty masses. Remember to try to pull out the contents of the pipe, not pushing it further and sending it down. When you have pulled out the contents as much as possible, pour enough hot water into the water, this way you can easily open your pipe. May be.

2. Open the sewer pipe using salt and vinegar:
Make a mixture of one-third cup of salt and one-third cup of vinegar; As a result of the combination of the two, gas is emitted from it. Pour the mixture into the sewer without wasting time and before boiling is over. This boiling of the two compounds makes the hair, grease and the contents of the tube clean. Stay then wash the tube with warm water and high pressure. You can also pour enough salt into the tube first and then pour the vinegar on it.

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