3 simple ways to open a clogged toilet

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There are always very simple ways to work hard. Like opening a blocked toilet pipe that can be opened in 3 simple ways without the need for an expert.

1. Dry and wet vacuum cleaner Sewer opening solution:
If you have a dry and wet vacuum cleaner, know that it is a great tool for opening the drain, first set it on the suction of liquids, cover its outlet to prevent dirty work, then seal the pipe well around, you may want a Use an old bag for this purpose By turning on the high power vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner pulls all the contents that caused the clogging into the bag. This does not always work, but it is worth testing.

2. Open the sewer pipe with boiled water:
This is not an easy task, put the kettle on the stove or in the microwave and pour as much water as it can and boil it. Now pour it gently into the tube in two or three steps. Let some hot water. Run every second and then pour the next series of water. This is always the easiest and fastest solution. If the pipe opens before the boiling water runs out, congratulate yourself and make yourself a cup of tea with the rest.

3. Open the sewer pipe with salt ink :( Use with great caution)
Wear plastic gloves and eye protection, salt ink can cause sharp and unpleasant burns. You can get it from your local hardware store, but be very careful when transporting it. Pour 3/4 gallon of cold water into the bucket and add 3 cups of salt ink to it. Mix it well with an old wooden spoon. The mixture starts to boil and emits gas and heat. Pour the solution into the sewer and between 20 to 30 Give it a minute. Then rinse the tube with hot water and repeat if necessary.

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