Cry baby Schiff

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"We live in polarizing times. People tune in to the news they want to hear or have it curated for them on social media. The effect is to balkanize our society and make it more difficult to bridge our differences."

Adam Schiff said "We live in polarizing times" Yup we sure do, it started out with a snowflake woman  baying at the moon. Extreme TDS that never stopped, only got worse!

Three years of constant bellyaching, moaning, groaning, crying and investigations with tax payer money being wasted. All the while American citizens have been losing their homes, some their very lives in fires in California costing our economy $85 billion, and storms costing our economy $1.75 trillion. What do we hear on the news from the Demon-Rats? Trump this, and Trump that, but I have never heard the Demon-Rats mention anything about how Americans are suffering from theses events. Do the Demon-Rats care about the suffering of American citizens? Or have they been completely taken over by Trump Derangement Syndrome and unable to do their job of serving their constituents, and the American people!

Now the Demon-Rats are going to waste more time with another try at impeachment why doesn’t that surprise me? The Democratic party has been going downhill since a Democrat had President Kennedy killed.

The Demon-Rats say President Trump and the Republicans are racist, but the truth is that the Demon-Rats are the racist and using racism to divide Americans against each other. The Demon-Rats have failed to realize that regardless of skin color, race, nationality, sex, or religion we are all people, bad with the good, members of the human race. What defines us of who we are, is culture. The Demon-Rats are experts of cultural engineering, such as keeping people poor, families fatherless, uneducated and dependant on the state. The Demon-Rats use scare tactics saying the other party will take their livelihood and promise them the world if the poor people vote for them.  

Written by Julius Neal Wolfson