Handmade Sink Manufacturers -Process Introduction Of Stainless Steel Sink For Kitchen

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As we all know, it is easy to compare the receivers of the big brands with the low-end and low-quality receivers of the small brands, but it is usually difficult to compare the receivers of the big brands. Usually the prices are similar and the quality is similar. Determining the winner is

  1. First, the size of the R angle is an important basis for determining the work of the sink. For example, for a double tank, basically all double tanks are divided into two integrally stretched tanks and a wheel welding plate. Some friends have said that, since it's wheel welding, why can't we see the welding marks? In fact, it has been polished and smooth, and you can't see it at all.

What is the R angle? The curvature around the body of the stainless steel sink is an R angle. The larger the R angle, the lower the processing difficulty, and the smaller the R angle, the higher the processing difficulty. Because every degree decreases, it means there is a danger of penetrating the steel plate. Therefore, if you don't know how to choose between two receivers, it is best to look at the R angle, and it is better to use a receiver with a smaller R angle.

Need to weld some small R corner sinkers. The R angle is the angle when the sink is punched. If the R angle is less than R10, welding is required. So you don't have to look at welding or stretching alone, it depends on the skill level.

Many sinks deliberately add weight to paint and rubber pads to confuse consumers by adding weight, which creates hallucinations and facilitates transactions. Therefore, do not judge the quality of the sink by weight.

  1. Secondly, edge processing is very important. The edges are processed well, so the flatness is higher. The high flatness means that it can be smoothly mounted on a countertop. Even better, the edges are smoother and will not scratch. This may not be easy for everyone to understand, but it is best to compare several receivers that I often recommend.
  2. The fineness of drawing is also critical. I suggest everyone choose a drawing sink, but now the drawing sinks are endless, you can also pull me. Therefore, at the time of purchase, the fineness of the drawings must be carefully discerned. The finer the drawings, the better the craftsmanship.
  3. The back coating is also strong and durable. Generally, the back coating has the functions of moisture absorption and heat insulation. But many brands, including some big ones, are the same. You can use your nails to bend the coating with very little force. The coating is useless and will fall off after a few years.
  4. The rubber pad can reduce the vibration and noise at the bottom of the sink, but some big brand sinks work well elsewhere. It shrinks here. Used rubber pads or oversized rubber pads, or rubber pads are super hard, so isn't it good to have a large piece of rubber? In fact, the bottom of the sink only needs to be fixed with rubber where the faucet is flushed. Large and small blocks have the same effect, but large blocks can easily cause sinks. Reduced bottom adhesion and reduced noise reduction.

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